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I posted a long while ago, and in these days I've found some spare time to complete some of the challenges I have in-going. I was training a Lapras, it was Lv. 38, and once I cleared out Victory Road and did some spare training, it was at Lv. 55.

Lorelei didn't gave me much of a trouble. I won with several Thunderbolts and some crits.
Bruno was a piece of cake, Surf and Psychic ftw.
Agatha was pretty much easy, just the stronger Gengar gave me problems with Hypnosis.
Lance was easier than I thought, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam did miracles.
Gary was not too difficult, as I had almost a move for every one of his Pokèmon.

I ended the Pokèmon League with a Lv. 59 Lapras, same moveset as before: Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt. Just for fun, I went to the Cerulean Cave and defeated Mewtwo, in the process leveling up to 60. I'm done!
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