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Spinblockers are arguably the best way to avoid your opponent getting rid of your hazards. The only pokémon that can do this are, of course, Ghost-types, as they are immune to Normal-type attacks, including Rapid Spin. It's normally associated with stall teams, as they need to keep hazards up, as they lack offensive presence and must make the opponent take the most passive damage possible. However, spinblocking is also good for offensive teams that want the opponent taking more hazard damage and giving their sweepers an easier time.

What pokemon do you usually use to spinblock, depending on what tier you battle in? Why do you prefer that spin-blocker over the remaining ghost type pokemon? How does it sync well with your team? What do you think the best spin-blocker is, (or at least, close enough) at this current meta? What do you think a spin-blocker needs (move, type, or any other thing wise) to perform the maximum spin-block efficiency?

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