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Originally Posted by Uchiha00006 View Post
Metalynx (level 37)
Tanscure (level 36)
Palij (level 35)
Gaslug (level 30) (Just caught him, he's great! Training him up.)
Quetzoral (level 28, freshly caught)
Barewel (Nicknamed TROLL)(Hm Slave)(Level 10)

EDIT: I managed copy the info on the pop-up window that appears when the game freezes.. maybe it'll help with identifying the problem? I think you're right though, I'll try playing on a different computer.

Pokemon Uranium
Exception: NoMethodError
Message: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
PokemonPhoneinin `pbRandomPhoneTrainer'
PokemonPhone:6:in `each'
PokemonPhone:6:in `pbRandomPhoneTrainer'
PokemonPhone:174:in `call'
PBEvent:54:in `trigger'
PBEvent:49:in `each'
PBEvent:49:in `trigger'
Scene_Map:59:in `updateSpritesets'
Scene_Map:115:in `update'
Oh, I see what's happening; you're getting a random call from a trainer. Several people have reported the game crashing when this happens; my advice is to hold out for 3.1, which should be out in a few weeks with bugfixes and improved events.

Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
I think the download link is broken, thats why i went to the front page and downloaded the wrong one >.<
Try this one: [link]

Originally Posted by BlackNekos View Post
I like the story for the project, I hope that the finished project will be at a greater level than the original pokemon games.
Ha ha, well, we don't have the resources that Game Freak does so we'll never be on a greater level than them, but we hope to be fun, interesting, and challenging! Plus, I like to deviate from the Pokemon formula sometimes in some new ways. Glad you enjoy it!

Originally Posted by Shuang View Post
How do we receive our prizes from the daily draw? I've won a super potion and a masterball, but recieved nothing. Also, after you beat Theo on the cruise it says that you can take as much time as you want to get off, but then you get sent off right after.
Thanks for letting us know about both of these things. They'll be fixed in the next version.

Originally Posted by djonthe1st! View Post
I downloaded the game as advertised on a Deviant Art page, the 3.0 file has a Trojan. Lucky for me McAfee picked it up when I ran the executable(where the Trojan is found). This was strange(to me), as McAfee has never given me reliable virus protection except from outside IP addresses.
"lucky" for you, McAfee turns up the game as a false positive when it isn't actually a virus. This is because we're not a registered publisher, and there is a virus out there that is named "game.exe," but it's not ours. Disable your antivirus and extract again, and I suggest getting a better antivirus-- Avast! is free and good.
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