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    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    The couch is now awkwardly aligned with the table. It needs to be shifted over by one tile.

    The flowers on the table are in bad alignment too. Speaking of which, the table is too cluttered now.

    There should also only be one tile between the couches and the table, although that's more of a rule of thumb. The blue couches seem awkward in position to the table as well. Also, try putting a rug under the table. Because IRL, you never put a table on a naked wood floor, because you'll ruin the finishing and you'll make scratches. Plus, it'll give the room more color.

    You're missing some shadows against the walls as well. And use the full tile shadows, the same ones you're using for the north walls. Also, there need to be shadows coming from the counters as well.

    The counters look like a (o.0). Try keeping them the same height. Also, both should be the same style; standalone (as the left has) or connected (as the right has). Using both is somewhat tacky.

    Plants again. There should be another plant on the same row. Now you have two seemingly random ones.

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