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So the International Challenge has started and quite a few folks from PC are participating (supposedly). How are your battles faring? THERE ARE TEAM SPOILERS, DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE POSSIBLE TEAMSETS POPPING UP. Place any warstories inside spoilers, please? :<

So far, I've got one win against someone I swear is afk and letting the timer do the moves for them.
My second opponent is using a team that is mostly flying types and his Garchomp is using Dragon Pulse... yeah.

Match 3
Opponent has Scizor, Rotom W, Uxie, Charizard, Dusknoir and Hydreigon in his team. I don't know what to think of this team. Since he is not using a weather team, I go with my usual Politoed and Ludicolo lead.
1. He starts off with Uxie and Scizor so I use double Surf. For some reason Uxie uses Reflect...which is useless against these two. Ludicolo dies from Bug Bite but the double Surf KOs Scizor and leaves Uxie barely alive.
2. Out comes his Rotom-H and I send out Togekiss. Uxie Knock Offs my Leftovers while Rotom Volt-Switches to Dusknoir. Dusknoir is now paralyzed and I'm free to paraflinch him...except Surf critical hits Dusknoir and KOs both pokemon. All he's got left is Rotom, which I promptly paralyze. Politoed Protects against an Overheat (why Overheat Politoed?).
3. Politoed Surfs Rotom for a Super-Effective KO. Game over.

Match 4
Ahh, the often-seen Japanese player. He isn't using a weather team either. He carries Rotom-F, Volcarona, Mienshao, Metagross, Tornadus and Gastrodon. Once again I send out Politoed and Ludicolo.
1. He sends out Tornadus and Mienshao, so that probably means a Fake Out and Tailwind. I double Surf of course, hoping to do as much damage as possible. He Fake Outs Politoed (GAH) and uses Tailwind, as I expected. Both are opponents within KO range.
2. I was hoping Ludi would outspeed but nope. He's KO'd by Flying Gem Acrobatics while Politoed KO's both opposing team with Surf. Out comes Volcarona and Metagross. I send out Dragonite.
3. Politoed uses Protect while I have Dragonite use Earthquake, hoping to do massive damage to Metagross. He uses Bug Buzz and Meteor Mash against Politoed. I got lucky! Dragonite does approx. half damage to both opponents.
4. I use Extremespeed against Volcarona hoping to KO it and it's successful. Metagross uses Zen Headbutt against Dnite (which does next to nothing) and I use Surf, KOing it. 4 down, more to go.

Match 5
This opponent...has a strange team. He's using a Mantine, Sharpedo, Eelektross, Latios, Chandelure and Mamoswine. I don't know what to expect from this guy.
1. Once again I start off with Ludicolo and Politoed. He sends out Mantine and Sharpedo. Sharpedo manages to protect against an Energy Ball from Ludicolo and Mantine uses Toxic against Politoed. Politoed uses Surf to activate Ludi's Absorb Bulb. Sharpedo's Speed Boost activates. Not shabby.
2. Ludicolo uses Energy Ball against Sharpedo once again, and Sharpedo's Focus Sash is activated. Mantine uses Toxic against Ludicolo while Sharpedo Crunches Politoed. Politoed Ice Beams Mantine.
3. This time I have Politoed using Protect, because its low HP is a target. Sharpedo uses Crunch against Politoed. Ludicolo uses Energy Ball against Mantine and now Politoed's HP is low enough that it'll die from Toxic next turn.
4. He sends out Eelektross. I double-Surf, hoping to KO someone. Sharpedo uses Protect and Eelectross' Quick Claw activates... ugh. He uses Discharge and manages to KO Politoed. Ludicolo dies from Toxic.
5. My Dragonite and Togekiss is sent out. Dragonite Extremespeeds Sharpedo because Sharpedo outspeeds everyone now. Togekiss uses Aura Sphere against Eelektross. Aura Sphere barely does anything to the Eel. I missed what the Eel did.
6. He sends out Latios now. Uh oh. I use Extremespeed against the Eel and KOs it. Latios uses Protect unfortunately and I was unable to paralyze it.
7. Latios attempts to use Draco Meteor but misses. Dnite lands an Outrage but Latios's item (I missed which) activates. It was useless however, and Latios dies from the Outrage. Another battle done.

Match 6
This person is carrying what looks like a Sun team. Lilligant, Ninetales, Typhlosion, Espeon, Arcanine and Umbreon.
1. This time I send out Abomasnow and Politoed first (MISSCLICK LIKE HELL). He sends out Liligent and Ninetales. Oh gawd. It's now Hailing and man am I dumb! Abomasnow uses Protect as Politoed uses Surf. Opposing Ninetales tries to use Flamethrower but Protect blocks it. Lilligant uses Giga Drain and nearly KOs Politoed.
2. I switch Abomasnow to Dragonite, absorbing Flamethrower like a boss. Politoed uses Protect and blocks Lilligant from landing a hit.
3. Politoed attempts to use Protect again but it fails. Dnite uses Extremespeed against Lilligant and manages to KO it. Ninetales is switched with Espeon and Politoed dies from the hail.
4. He sends out Typhlosion while I send out Ludicolo this time. I have Dragonite uses Earthquake and Politoed, Surf. Espeon uses Psychic and Typhlosion uses Eruption, KOing Dragonite and nearly KOing Ludicolo. Typhlosion dies from Hail as well.
5. Abomasnow is sent out once more and so is the opposing Ninetales. Unfortunately for Ninetales, it outspeeds Abomasnow, and so Hail is once again the dominant weather. Ninetales attempts to kill Abomasnow with Flamethrower but Focus Sash activates. Espeon KOes Ludicolo with Psychic but both Espeon and Ninetales are knocked out when Abomasnow uses Blizzard. No disconnects yet (plz don't jinx me)

Match 7
Against an apponent using Blastoise, Latios, Scizor, Machamp, Sandslash and Typhlosion. Once again, a non-weather team.
1. I send out my usual starters, Politoed and Ludicolo. I didn't botch anything this time thankfully! He sends out Scizor and Latios. Ludicolo uses Blizzard and manages to hit both opponents. Scizor is frozen now! Latios uses Psycho Shift...donno why. Politoed uses Surf and KOes Scizor.
2. Opponent sends out Typhlosion. Politoed uses Protect while Ludicolo uses Surf, KOing both opponents.
3. All the opponent has left is a Blastoise, which is KOed by Ludicolo's Energy Ball. :3

Match 8
This opponent is using a rain team. There's Kingdra, Hitmontop, Volcarona, Ludicolo, Politoed and Ferrothorn.
1. I'm hoping he sends out Politoed, so I send out Dragonite and Ludicolo. The gamble was successful. He sent out Politoed and Volcarona. I ExtremeSpeed his Volcarona but he uses Protect. So much for that. Ludicolo uses Surf but that was blocked as well. It does nearly nothing to Dragonite and Politoed and unfortunately I broke Dragonite's ability and he KOes it with an Ice Beam.
2. I send out Togekiss this time. I try Surf again and it works this time. Volcarona survives (BARELY) and uses Bug Buzz on Ludicolo, KOing it. Togekiss uses Thunder Wave on Politoed, which uses Hydro Pump against Togekiss.
3. Abomasnow is sent out and at this point I'm doomed. The opponent withdraws Politoed and replaces it with Ferrothorn. Volcarona uses Heat Wave and KOes Togekiss, leaving Abomasnow with 1 HP. I lose.
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