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    hg and ss don't have a really good place to train pre-e4, however, as soon as you beat it for the first time, it really gets better since you can easily access saffron for gym leader rematches and the lowest lvl pokemon you'll fight is lv48 while the strongest is 72.
    don't forget i'm talking about trainer pokemon not wild ones. also, note that you can rematch them over and over again throughout the whole day.

    now for the 5th gen games.. it's much harder to get really overleveled even by grinding a lot because of the new exp. system.
    but at the same time it got much easier to train a pokemon from scratch up to the average lvl of the AI.
    i'd say your best bet is to hunt for audinos.

    that said, i don't really see much point in going "overkill" unless it's for something like a speed run, in which case all you have to do is use the starter for battles and nothing else.
    and if all you want to do is to be able to get your pokemon to high levels, why not wait until post-game?
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