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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
When they say that they will follow the directives of the Church, that it what they are to do.

However, given that this group follows Catholic directives, and the Church has yet to come out against this, then it leaves one to wonder... Perhaps this is what the Church really believes?
Not really - the Bible doesn't mention any of that, because they thought babies grew out of sperm like flowers or something.

It's more about following what God says to you - it's up to everyone by themselves to make a decision, honestly.

That's why Catholic Church official conferences take so long - the Bible is really ambiguous about most everything, because it had to be written and for (for the most part) uneducated nomads who didn't really care about stuff like abortion. For them, it was more of "get it out alive" and "have more than two children have themselves some children so our tribe can grow" than "oh no social responsibilities".

And there are pretty decent people of all religions in the majority - not many Muslims go "ALLAH" and blow themselves up, not many Christians hate gay people rubbing their parts together, and not many Catholics give less than a damn of what's right or wrong. It's more like the bouncer is harassing us and we can't see the awesome dance floor with pretty ladies and the general betterness of the club, completely unlike the dick of a bouncer that ruins our experience, even though he's probably the least important and memorable situation of the night.
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