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Yeah, this is big news and some of my lecturers have gone crazy over this stuff haha (but I do wonder how we'd never found this before). It's pretty interesting - although I've noticed lately that almost any new discovery seems to have some sort of groundbreaking implications for curing either cancer or AIDS. Before we're able to actually make use of this information I feel like we're gonna need to know a lot more about G-quadruplex and to see what its role in cancerous cells is as compared to its role in normal cells. Of course there's much more detail to this that the simple stuff given in the article, and I'll go read about it a bit later on, but I imagine a treatment involving this would involve preventing its action and how we'd manage to do that in cancerous cells only is beyond me since that's not something we can do with the treatments we've been working on for a long time now.

Still though - I'm looking at this in a bit of a negative way! Helpful against cancer or not it's a big find and it'll be really useful for something or other down the line, I'm sure.
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