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    The Golden Ages
    Chapter 1.1
    In the year 1102, in the Unova region, a time when the only thing connecting human and pokemon were the bond they shared. This bond was fair, and if the pokemon wanted, it could walk away without a word. These were what people nowadays call the Golden Days, a time when people had pokemon not for tools or slavery, but for friends. This was just one of the many stories told among the Unova region, and I, Nath, am going to find the truth about the downfall of the Golden Paradise! This is my adventure and I am determined to find the answers.
    My name is Nathan, I am 13 years old, my partner is kirlia, he's a boy. I'm male too. Date is 13th July 2047, and the Pokemon league has been disbanded. Trainers don't follow a league map anymore. Life is normal.
    Nath's pencil snapped. He stood up and groaned as he reached for his sharpener. His Kirlia, as he had nicknamed Siria, was sound asleep on Naths bed. Naths blue hair flew backwards as a strong breeze blew through the window. Shutting the window, he noticed there was no wind outside, but he didn't care less. Nath had brown eyes, and his air was a dark shade of blue. It was relatively short, it went down to the tops of his eyebrows, but it was usually spiked up or swept to the side. His body style was slim and and only slightly bulky, and was about 4ft tall. He slumped on his bed and sighed loud enough to wake his Kirlia, wich instantly got off it's feet to cheer up Nath. He was just about to say 'I wish something good would appen in my life' until another gust of wind opened his window, bashing it against the walls of his room. This one was stronger.
    "Nathan come quickly," Emma screamed. Emma was Nathan's sister and was only 9 but Nathan cared about her very much. She was only 1 1/2 metres tall, making her the smallest in her year group, and was smaller than Nath, even when he was sitting down and she was standing.
    "NAAAATH YOU HAVE TO COME N-O-W!" Nathan scurried down the stairs to his front door where his sister was waiting for him with Nath's mother - Yvonne. What was going on?

    Chapter 1.2
    Outside the door, on the streets of Rarkow city, in the region of Raviko? A pokemon trainer? He was challenging people to battles, and was getting angry. The man was dressed in a long red robe that covered his whole body apart from his right shoulder and arm, which were bare in clothing. He was bald and looked sort of like a monk from a book Nath read once. His red eyes burned like flames as everyone refused his offer. The staraptor he was with was also rearing for battle, however, there were no pokeballs to be seen with the man at all.
    This was Nath's chance to prove to everyone pokemon trainers should still exist!
    He jumped in front of his sister and dodged the curious crowd. No one had any idea of what he truly intended to do so they let him on his way. He reached a small clearing in which the man and his Staraptor waited, and stepped up before him.
    "A challenger? I presume?"
    "Nath?" His mother cried with fear.
    "Yeah! I want to challenge you to a 1 on 1 battle!"
    "Baha! I laugh at your humour, but where is your pokemon?"
    The crowd were curious too. Neither of them had pokeballs with them, and only 1 person actually had a pokemon with them.
    "Siria I choose you!"
    In an instant, the Kirlia from which was watching from Nath's window teleported down, and landed right in front of Nathan.
    "Ah so thats who your partner is? Let me test your link! Staraptor go!"
    A one on one battle between Siria and Staraptor was about to take place. The crowd all backed away and watched with curiosity, leaving enough room for no-one to get hurt. The Staraptor attacked first, and flew into the air, preparing it's drill peck. Before it got to attack Nath ordered for a double team attack. "Star!" This didn't stop the staraptor swooping in and attacking. It flew down with great speed and power and landed a direct hit on the correct Siria. "Quick, battle strategy 1" Nath ordered. Kirlia quickly got to its feet and prepared a magical leaf attack. It then focused it's psyshock attack on the magical leaf attack to create an electrical leaf field, surrounding Siria in all directions. The enemie's Staraptor flew back up into the air and prepared another drill peck attack.
    Surely not, doesn't he realise what I have done?
    The Staraptor flew down, without a hint of doubt about the tactic Nath used. It smashed right into the wall of leaves and flew back, paralysed on every wing.
    "What? How can this be?"
    The man looked worried and sick to the stomach, as if this was something he had never seen before, like adverts on a telly, only more horrifying. He raised his hand, and said the words.
    "I submit defeat"
    Everyone in the street gasped. This was definately not nromal. What happened to fight till the bitter end, or even status healing items. This man was definately strange. Nether the less, Nath slowly walked up to shake the man's hand, and reached out to grab it. The man looked into his eyes, and he saw things he had not seen before...
    The funny man shook Nath's hand politely, but ever so slowly and confused.
    "Your hospitality is astounding, even after winning..." he said
    "What do you mean? This is how all trainers should be!"
    Nath grinned uncontrolably, and stepped back, with the whole croud cheering and chanting his name. The man walked off, out of town, away from anyone, never to be seen again.

    Chapter 2.1
    Henry, a young boy who also lived in the town of Rarkow, was just on his way to the market, untill he saw the giant roar of the crowd. He was curious, and wanted to know what was going on. He tried looking over people shoulders but couldn't see a thing. He tried asking politely, but no-one heard. He was too shy to barge past people, so he decided to head on his way to the market and have a look later. The road to the market was not that far, and it didn't involve crossing a sea of people, so it was quick enough to get there, and even quicker to meet his friend, Pichu.

    Henry had allways know Pichu, and allways went to see him everyday. It didn't live with Henry, as it was too young to leave it's mommy Pikachu, "but someday soon we can see the world together!" Henry allways told it. The family was hidden beind the big oak trees in the clearing, far away from predators, and easy to get too if you know the way. It was a small wooden shack, Henry and his older brother had made for them when the mommy Pikachu was still laying her eggs, but had underground holes to protect them from rain as the house was not very well built. Henry usually stopped by there to leave food and berries for the family on the way to school or market and today was no different. When he got there all 5 children, and the mom and dad, came out to greet Henry, and climb over him. He offered them berries, and sandwiches which they happily took with gratitude before giving him something in return for is kindness. It wasn't very often that Henry was offered something from the Pikachu's so he took it carefully and kindly and said,
    "I'll treasure this forever, don't you worry"

    The item handed to Henry was non other than a thunder stone, a treasure kept among Pikachu kind and evolutions, and usually used to evolve a pikachu. It was rarely ever given to humans unless the bond between them was very strong. Henry was overjoyed that the family trusted him, but got careless with time.
    He stopped to look at the time on his poke-gear.
    "AIGH! I'm late back, I was only supposed to be getting milk!"
    He gave his farewells and off he went to finish is errands for the day.

    Chapter 2.2
    "Henry were on earth have you been?"
    "Sorry mom, um there was a que."
    Henry's voice did not sound the slightest bit convincing. His mother looked at him like she ad just stared at the sun all day and was about to just burst out angry. In Henry's mind to make things seem better, he prefered to picture her laughing to deat rather than shouting to death. Henry put the groceries on the front table and turned his back to the room.
    "Did you see te pokemon battle today?"
    "Huh? What pokemon battle? Was that why the croud was there?"
    "Yes quite. That stupid friend of yours, Nath, challenged a horrifyingly confident man and beat him fair and square. Honestly I have no idea what goes on in that boy's head sometimes. His mother should have a few good words spoken to her.
    Henry knew she wasn't lying, his mum never lied, but was more shocked than anything. He thought pokemon trainers had disbanded long ago to reduce damage and so on. Perhaps his ideas were wrong. Either way Henry still wanted to go congratulate Nath on his victory.
    "I'm just going out for a bit, I'll be back later." Hnery yelled as he rushed out his home to go find Nath. Henry was just about to run down Nath's street until he saw Nath in the park, talking to a group of people. He wandered up to Nath slowly from behind, and sat down next to him, and the group wandered off.
    "Oh hey Henry"
    "Hey Nath, congrats on your victory."
    "It wasn't a real battle. He fled. I still want a real battle, so does Siria, right!"
    Siria chirped.
    "So what's your plans?"
    "My plan's? Oh you haven't even heard them yet!"
    "Yeah I know thats why I'm asking"
    As Henry said that he facepalmed head first into both his hands.
    "Ah oops, carried away, yeah. I plan to go on an adventure!"
    "Huh where? The Grand Park? The dark forest?"
    Henry chuckled to himself knowing he was winding Nath up.
    "NO! I'm going to Unova!!!"
    Nath's shout was not heard too far, but heard far enough for a small group of people to stare at him for a while before carrying on with there current activity.
    "But that's MILES away from Raviko! Why do you want to go there anyways?"
    "Because, they have pokemon trainers, and a museum so I can find out more about the golden ages!"
    "Yeah good luck with getting your mom to fund your little trip."
    "Oh I allready got that planned... but I'll need your help!"
    "What, I aint doing nothing if I don't acieve anything!"
    "Oh I thought you were coming too! What about that pichu, why doesn't it come along!"
    "I don't know Nath, I mean, it's kinda' going against all I've been taught, you know, not to lie and stuff-"
    "No we arn't lying, we are pursuading!"
    "Hmm well, I guess so.... Ok I'll do it!"
    "First thing tommorow?"
    "First thing tommorow!"

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