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Ten years ago a boy named Ash Ketchum left on a journey across the Pokemon world. His purpose was to beat all the gym leaders; but to what cause? The young boy's motivation has been hidden until now. Now that he is the world leagues new champion all of the world now knows he true desire is power, the driving force within him being greed. People often questioned why Ash suddenly turned sour. He never answered that question and didn't care what others thought. Six years have passed at this point under the 16 year old tyrants rule. Professor Oak was training soldiers to take back the cities of the world. Ash and his followers called themselves Team Earthquake for they crushed any talk about a new day of freedom by death. After about another two years of research Team Earthquake concluded that Poke Balls were no longer need and that the wielder of a Pokedex could transform into any Pokemon discovered within its database; however the Pokemon discovered will be at level one and therefore weak. The resistance, now calling themselves Team Hurricane sent spy’s to retrieve this research so they could replicate the new Pokedex. Professor Oak was successful in his endeavors to replicate the new Pokedex and thus started the war that will span for who knows how long until either leader has died. A prophecy is made that five kids will be born on the same day and will be the hope of freedom to all the nation. Ash caught word of this and went on a purge that day for any new born only to come back empty handed. Ash decided to clone himself 40 times and place each clone in the once called Pokemon Gyms. Once all 40 clones had been killed then and only then will he be in deaths grasp once again. He also cursed the Gyms with a dark spell that if all your Pokemon black out in the gym you will die with the Pokemon. That's where you come in you are immune to the spell and if you do black out all your Pokemon then you will wake up in Professor Oak's lab with no memory of anything and you have to require a Pokedex and start over. The mission is simple yet near impossible kill the clones and Ash and bring the former glory of the Pokemon world back to its original state. You must travel the entire world and sweep Team Earthquake away with the power of a Hurricane!


1. All PC and RP Corner rules apply here
2. It is rated M but don't take it to an extreme and describe something horrific.
3. You must post at once every week unless you notify me or another GM.
4. Have Fun

Sign Up

Age: (Always sixteen)
Appearance: (at least one paragraph or picture.)
Personality: (at least one paragraph.)
History: (at least two paragraphs of background e.g how did he/she survive the purge, how is your family doing in the turmoil.)
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