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    Monsters - 12
    3 Evigishki Soul Ogre
    2 Evigishki Mind Augus
    3 Gishki Vision
    3 Gishki Shadow
    1 Royal Magical Library

    Spells - 28
    3 Gishki Aquamirror
    3 One Day of Peace
    3 Into the Void
    3 Upstart Goblin
    3 Trade-In
    3 Salvage
    3 Moray of Greed
    3 Hand Destruction
    2 Magical Stone Excavation
    1 Card Destruction
    1 Magical Mallet

    Extra Deck - 15 (style points!)
    1 Number 88: Gimmick Puppet - Destiny Leo
    1 Neo-Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
    1 Enthusiastic Coaching King Giantrainer
    3 Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
    2 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
    3 Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7
    1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle
    1 Photon Strike Bounzer
    1 Number 25: Force Focus
    1 Sword Breaker

    First, draw your entire deck using your awesome draw engine. Cool interactions exist such as Aquamirror -> Soul Ogre to hand -> Trade-In and Salvage -> Vision / Shadow -> Moray or just fetch 2 et cetera et cetera. If you have difficulty doing this you are either exceedingly unlucky or a monkey - or maybe you misplayed.

    Required cards in hand: card that says "draw 1 card", Mind Augus, Aquamirror, a piece of Ritual fodder (preferably the other Mind Augus since you don't really use that for Trade-In, so). Easy, right?

    Required cards in graveyard: 2 copies of One Day of Peace and 1 Hand Destruction. The third copy may be in your hand or wherever, it doesn't really matter.

    Required cards in deck: Exactly 0 cards.

    Optional: If you have a Library on field it's even more dumb.

    Step 1: Summon your Mind Augus #1 with your Mind Augus #2 as material, sending Mind Augus #2 to the graveyard. If you have all 3 One Days in your graveyard, return all three to the top of your deck. If you only have 2, return both of the One Days as well as the Hand Destruction to the top of your deck instead.

    Step 2: Play your draw card. If you played One Day, proceed to draw into either Hand Destruction (discarding a stray Aquamirror or whatever junk in your hand as extra stuff) or One Day, which draws you into extra One Days / Hand Destruction.

    Step 2a: If the card arrangement in your deck is Hand Destruction - One Day - One Day, bounce a Soul Ogre and discard it as well as another random card to draw into your second One Day as well as an Aquamirror. (Net 0 change in cards in hand)

    Step 2b: If the card arrangement in your deck is One Day - Hand Destruction - One Day, draw into your Hand Destruction, then go to step 2a.

    Step 2c: If the card arrangement in your deck is One Day - One Day - Hand Destruction, it is slightly harder.

    Step 2c-1: After you draw your Hand Destruction, bounce your Mind Augus and add Aquamirror to your deck.

    Step 2c-2: Play the Mind Augus to return 3 One Day of Peace to your deck.

    Step 2c-3: Play Hand Destruction, discarding whatever 2 cards to draw into your One Days of Peace and Aquamirror. (Net -1, but resets)

    Step 3: Make sure your deck has no cards in it, then play your Aquamirror.

    Step 4: Repeatedly play your Hand Destruction - One Day - Aquamirror Mind Augus combo until your opponent decks out (i.e. draws their entire deck).

    Addendum: If you normal summon your Library, the combo has a 66% chance of being a +1 and a 33% chance of being a net 0 instead; it makes your combo truly infinite, but you will probably go 40 cards perfectly fine even without library.

    This combo is not stopped by Maxx C (they deck out faster). Effect Veiler makes you trade a card for his card, and there are only three; manipulate your deck and graveyard accordingly (it's not like this deck is missing any draw power dohoho).

    HAVE FUN EVERYONE (and try to go first because if you don't explode, you're screwed)


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