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Me: Ptzery (Yep, just what I use for almost everything )
Rival: Mista (Because it sounds stupid...)
Serperior: Tweegwower
Lucario: Invisibru
Golduck: PSYCHO!!!!
Unfesant: Plesant?
Weezing: *Cough*
Sawsbuck: Flowahz
Golurk: Bilbo
Zebstrika: Striker
Zoroark: Zoroark (obviously)
Terrakion: Terrance
( Aftergame: )
Tyranitar: Zybrnaut
Latios: Latent Guy
Cobalion: Stealer
Black Kyurem: Glaciator
Heatran: Eeruptor
Meet a guy that wants to be a rom hacker.
Just trying... I'm probably not even 1% as good as most people, but I'm trying!
Also, I have pokemon soulsilver to play, but I do not do trades, battles or anything online.
Of course, you can ask me stuff, but I won't usually know the answer
You like my signature? If you do, I owe you 100 bucks. Just messing with ya!
Oh yeah, I have super pokemon rumble too. All of you guys are awesome
Skitty smiley!