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Originally Posted by James_Terrano View Post
As for gym, gym leaders, etc.:As for wild Pokemon:As for name of this game:[
now for you, personally I like the idea of roaming pokemon, its innovative and interesting, and more inmportantly, unique, its a new idea that hasnt been done (to my knowledge) and its really interesting, you could do a lot with it, like have swarms, where 2 attack at once and its a double battle, or do a lot with the idea of it, but it would take a lot of work, still if you stick to it and have high hopes it could be a really cool idea, a more "life like" pokemon game, but you shouldnt rule out the entire original concept of catching pokemon, maybe have a few areas where you can catch pokemon the old fashioned way just so the player can farm exp, or catch a lot of pokemon.

I understand the gyms but you should make some so the player can waste their time in side quests, because as we all know, gannondorf can wait while link fishes, team rocket should also wait while the player screws around at the gym, side quests attract so many people

finally, I would strongly suggest a name change, take it from me, the original creator of Pokemon X, its like, the best title, short, sweet, and to the point, but the official guys took it already, you should respect it, despite how much it pisses you off...if you open you mind to revision, you could create something far better out of what you originally had (again, take it from me, I did the exact same thing, and my game took off afterwards)

Finally, I am excited to see what you can do with this, but as you already know, you need to work a bit on your maps, they are bland and empty and repettitive, add some flowers, some different borders, some decorations, various grass patterns, etc, do your best, and most importantly enjoy yourself while you're doing it! if you love your project, your work will show!

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