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Research In Motion? Hm…that's weird. Anyways

I don't really care much for them, because honestly the only Blackberry I've ever even used for a couple minutes was a gigantic piece of poop compared to the iPhone and such. But then again this was in 2007 or so so things might have changed.

It's dinky, the screen is small…it looks just like my flip phone, just with the difference that it's branded as a smartphone.

I much prefer the iPhone or the Android over anything else, because their designs are just better.

And besides, the versatility of those phones (songs, complex games, video, web browser) is much more than what I would care to see on that screen. And the fact that Google and Apple give so much care to the software makes me stick to those two for just the convenience.

tl;dr blackberrys look like turds when put next to a iPhone.
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