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Originally Posted by Quote View Post
Y'beat me to it.

Geez, that comic just about sums up how we're all going to feel when they release the starter evolutions.

I personally prefer Fennekin for the looks right now, but that isn't taking into account stats and whatnot.

I've been entertaining the prospect of a fourth starter, and I think they might be able to pull it off, whether it's a Pikachu-like Pokemon or a normal-type that has no weakness but no strength against the other starters...

Just me tossing an idea around. What do you think?

I think it'd work out great really. Like not because it could be a special edition but it could legitimately be a great idea to make it more interesting. Sure the main three are the main three, but a fourth would just be a nice extra twist and knowing GameFreak, anything can happen!


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