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    Finished Victory Road last night. Since this is probably the closest thing I've had to an actual "team" yet, a full post of them, at the levels they were going in (most of them gained at least one level on the trip):

    lvl 48
    Modest / Volt Absorb

    Discharge (thankfully replaced with Tbolt at the end)
    Shadow Ball
    Volt Switch
    Echoed Voice

    lvl 47
    Modest / Natural Cure

    Surf (replaced with Scald at the end)
    Ice Beam
    Scald (replaced with Flash when I got to the dark cave, then with Tbolt at the end)

    lvl 46
    Adamant / Sand Force

    Iron Head
    Rock Slide
    Strength (replaced with X Scissor at the end)

    lvl 48
    Jolly / Chlorophyll

    Leaf Blade
    X Scissor
    Swords Dance
    Cut (replaced with Aerial Ace at the end)

    lvl 49
    Adamant / Huge Power

    Double Edge

    lvl 49
    Calm / Overcoat

    Air Slash
    Dark Pulse
    Nasty Plot

    Now I'm back to rotating stuff though, and I'd be hard-pressed to tell you exactly who's on my team at the moment. I just evolved a Weavile last night, and I've been EV training it and an Absol. Vullaby's still there, but mostly just because it's got Fly. I'm pretty sure Vaporeon's doing Surf duty. There's a ground-ish type in there, but I can't remember if it's Flygon or Gliscor. And someone else - I think it's Arcanine...