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Requesting a save file for polemon liquid crystal...I would like to request a save file for the latest beta 3.3 since I lost my file and I really don't want to start over. I basically left off before fighting the elite four with a typlosion Lv 60 a salance 55 a dragonight Lv 55 a pigeot Lv 45 a gengar Lv 40 and a swampter Lv 40. So if you have anything similar to my file please contact me or email me so that I can just start where I left off ill really appreciate it thank you (^___^)
Oh and I was a male in the game to


Liquid crystal live beta 3.3
Name: gold
Rival: silver

5 starter Pokemon (no shiny)
Cindaquil Lv 5
Charmander Lv 5
Bagon Lv 5
Dratini Lv 5
Mudkipp Lv 5

Location: At the beginning of game
Badges: 0

Thank you in advance

Additional items: exp share, master balls, and rare candy