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So, Here I was, breeding my Alakazam with a Japanese Ditto to get a good nature on an Abra that I intended on using for competitive after raising. When the egg hatched, I saw that the stats on that Abra were rather odd. Since I got into pokemon breending, I hatched probably over 300 eggs, and none, absolutely NONE of them had ANY stat over 6 (e.g. Atk 6; Def 6; Sp.Atk 6; Sp.Def 6; Spd 6. The best I have ever gotten), but that one Abra had the stats as follow (It was quite some time ago, so I don't remember exactly, but it doesn't go too far from this):

Level 1, UT'd Abra:
HP 10
Atk 5
Def 4
Sp.A 7 <--- !!!
Sp.D 6
Spd 7 <--- !!!

So yeah, a really op Abra, seen quite a bit of those. But the odd thing is that when I tried calculating its IVs while EV training it by using an online Calculator (, it said that these Stats are incorrect!
I checked and re-checked everything I had put into the calculator and there was absolutely nothing wrong, so I looked for another calculator ( and tried once again and it said that maybe the EVs or Nature were incorrect because the Speed stat should be from 24-28, not 30 (at Lv 11) and after a while, i started thinking something was off.
When it Reached Level 17, I just used a Rare Candy and evolved it into Kadabra (I stopped the evolutions to be able to calculate the IVs), and then started taking note of the stats on each level. Here's all the info I copied:

Sabrina (Her name, as a tribute to the coolest gym leader in kanto)

HP - 0
Atk - 0
Def - 0
Sp.Atk - 142
Sp.Def - 0
Spd - 100 (Her EVs when I started writing them down)

Mild Nature.
Day-Care Couple
Egg recieved.
Route 3
Egg hatched.
Somewhat of a clown. (Everything that says on the upper screen)

Dex No. 064 [Pokeball] Sabrina (Female)
Name Kadabra Lv. NN
Type [Psychc]
OT Red
ID No. 58190
Exp. Points NNNN
To Next Lv. NNN [Healed Pokerús]

Ability: Synchronize (Other info about her and myself. Do not know my secret ID)

Level 18

43 [000]
22 [000]
17 [000]
64 [142]
31 [000]
52 [100]

Level 19

45 [000]
23 [000]
18 [000]
69 [150]
32 [000]
54 [100]

Level 20

47 [000]
24 [000]
18 [000]
72 [160]
34 [000]
57 [100]

Level 21

49 [000]
25 [000]
18 [000]
77 [168]
35 [000]
60 [100]

I know that calculators are not usualy 100% accurate until you put in like 10 different levels, but for two of them to say that those stats are impossible when my screen clearly shows 'em all like that, something must be off. Did My game get into some kind of elderly-not-so-greatly-generating state, or did I simply get a 1 in a trillion pokemon. Bulbapedia isn't helping that much since there is absolutely nothing that I can use until I reach at least Level 50 (can get that in 20 mins, but i really want to EV train her properly).
My guess is that my game just went crazy and some-ungodly-how just generated a pokemon with more than 31 IVs (????). But I don't really believe that since if it was possible there would be something on the game's coding that pretty much anyone could hack to get, so I would really like to get a proffesional / expert opinion on this. Has this ever happened to any of you? Will I be allowed to use said pokemon on an official tournament or something?

**If it comes down to it, I will keep posting her Stats as I level her up**