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    chapter five: spec’d

    It was past midnight.

    Ethereal tossed about on the floor, unable to sleep. She looked up at Frenzy, who was having a nice rest on the bed. One of the disadvantages of sharing a one-man bunk.

    Ethereal sighed.

    “Hey, sparky, you still awake?”

    Frenzy didn’t reply. Of course he didn’t reply; he was asleep.

    “Arceus, you’re just shutting up when I need someone to talk to the most? Sad.”

    Ethereal chuckled to no one in particular. “You know, we sh-“

    “Okay, okay, I’m awake.”

    Frenzy made a flip, and was now staring at Ethereal like a weakened Poocheyena; he looked emotionlessly into her soul.

    Ethereal quickly took her words back. “I…didn’t mean that! I really didn’t!”

    “What are you talking about?” Frenzy said lazily. “You didn’t say anything…”

    “I…said something…about…” Ethereal thought for a moment. “I forgot,” she continued, suddenly speaking in her normal tone.

    “You scared about that trial?”

    “Yeah…I’m scared. I’m really scared.”

    “Why be scared?”

    “Don’t know. I just don’t wanna go out there and look stupid or something.”

    Frenzy laughed quietly.

    “You’re not afraid of staying in prison forever? You’re only scared of looking stupid?”

    Ethereal shut her eyes, grinning. “Not with you here.”

    Frenzy widened his eyes.

    “That’s…touching, I guess.”

    “Yeah, if there was a way to stay in prison with you forever, I’m good.”

    Frenzy went into deep thought.

    “I know. We could just instantly surrender!”

    Ethereal raised an eyelid. “I don’t get.”

    “We’ll tell the lawyer not to defend us, then tell Arceus that we’re willing to accept the charges.”

    “What if we’re charged to stay away from each other?”

    “Do you even know what a charge is?”

    Ethereal shrugged her shoulders. Frenzy rolled his eyes.

    Then Ethereal giggled. “Actually,” she said seductively, “I do know what a charge is.”

    “Wow, a revelation?”

    “Not that, whatever it is…” she stood up, swishing her head gracefully, letting her braids fly freely in the air. Her cyan body glimmered even through the darkness of the night, and her eyes stood out like two sapphires.

    Frenzy stared in awe, jaw dropping, almost uncontrollably.

    “…a charge is…” she continued, “Something that you are. A perk-me-up, something you can’t do without…”

    She took a few steps forward, flamboyantly strutting towards Frenzy.

    “Without my charge, I’m…powerless.”

    Frenzy’s jaw was still hanging down. He quickly retracted it.

    “Wow…I just realised how beautiful you are.”

    Ethereal blushed, retracting her head a little. “Oh…”

    “Your modesty is amazing,” he said, smiling.

    “Aww! You’re such a sweetie!” Ethereal squealed.

    “Who are you calling a sweetie?”

    Ethereal’s heart dropped. She hopped in exhilaration, causing Frenzy to burst into laughter.

    “Arceus, you’re so cute.”

    Ethereal blushed even more. She was speechless; she couldn’t do anything other than stay stuck and wait for more flattery.

    “You’re a great friend,” Frenzy said, smiling widely.

    Suddenly, Ethereal’s heart stopped. She stared blankly into Frenzy for a few seconds, removing Frenzy’s smile, replacing it with a face of concern. She felt herself warm up, and her face crimsoned to the hue of a Leppa Berry as she quickly turned around and took swift steps back into her spot on the floor.

    “Ethy…you okay?”

    Ethereal was snapped out of her embarrassment. She quickly turned to Frenzy, giggling a little, as she said, “I’m done for the night. Thanks, kitty.”

    “You just have a huge arsenal of names to call me, right? It’s cute.”

    The word “cute” didn’t have the same effect on her as it would have normally had. She nodded, face quickly flushing into a blush, as she turned her head back and lay it down on the floor.


    Ethereal woke up really late the next day. She woke up with lots of smiles and her normal level of energy. Then she saw Frenzy looking down on her from the bed. Instantly, she reminisced the previous night and her smile disappeared. Her face turned red and she tried not to look directly at Frenzy.

    Frenzy got off his bed and stood beside Ethereal, who was still sprawling about on the floor.

    “Ethy, if you need something, just ask me.”

    Ethereal chuckled weakly, and looked at Frenzy in the eye.

    “I’m…embarrassed,” she confessed.


    Ethereal opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, and her face warmed up significantly; enough for Frenzy to feel it.

    “Something I wouldn’t understand?” he said, chuckling.

    Ethereal nodded her head. She was filled with embarrassment; rejection hurts. She just couldn’t keep eye contact with Frenzy anymore. Everytime she looked at him, she’d get that heat rush, and it’ll feel pretty bad.

    She stayed quiet, giving her companion nothing but nods and shakes, until they were moved into the courtroom. The conversations were truly one-sided now; except that it went the other way.


    “So, you still nervous?”

    Ethereal turned her head slowly, smiling and nodding.

    Frenzy decided that it was time to dig out the reason. A breakdown in communication during a court would be catastrophic, especially when Ethereal could possibly destroy his plan…if it even was a plan.

    “Hey Ethy, don’t worry, I’ve asked the lawyer to get out already.”


    Frenzy chuckled, then quickly changed his tone.

    “Right, you better come clean.”

    Ethereal jumped a little. “W-What?”

    “What the hell is going on with you? What’s there to be embarrassed about anyway?”

    Ethereal’s eyes widened, and her mouth hung in a passive state. She quickly snapped out of that attack and stuttered, “You know…last night?”

    “What about last night?” Frenzy asked, sternly.

    Ethereal blushed again.

    “Stop blushing, seriously.”

    “I…I can’t. I just can’t.”

    “I don’t even get what there is to be embarrassed about.”

    “You just don’t understand love, right?!”

    Frenzy’s eyes furrowed. A little fire started burning inside him, and he didn’t feel like putting it out any time soon.

    “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

    Ethereal was about to make a fast comeback, but she retracted her words even faster.

    “I shouldn’t have said that! I’m sorry! Don’t-“

    “Ethy, seriously?”

    The two convicts turned around. It was Crimson.

    “What’s going on here, peeps?”

    Ethereal turned her head away in shame. Frenzy didn’t.

    “We had a bit of a fight,” he grumbled.

    “Whoa, it’s not good to have a fight right now! You need to work together for this, man!” Crimson said, slightly shocked at how a beautiful relationship had deteriorated into a fight this quickly.

    “Tell that to her.”

    Crimson focused his eyes at Ethereal.

    Ethereal innocently looked up at Crimson.

    Crimson instantly realised the situation. He burst into laughter, then slapped Ethereal on her back so hard that she fell right off her seat, falling face-first onto the floor.

    “Rejected?” he said, cheerfully.

    Ethereal’s face turned red again. She nodded, still on the floor.

    “Being less of a Jynx would really help, don’t’cha think?” Crimson asked, oblivious to her emotions.

    Ethereal didn’t seem to take offense to that. She nodded.

    Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light coming from the front. It was Arceus; he was about to enter.

    Everyone in the courtroom stood up, staying in attention.

    Through the flash of light, Arceus emerged like a beacon of hope through the solemnness in the courtroom. He stepped into his position, dispersing the light behind him and splashing it all about the room. The light shot in beautiful beams of radiance, as the entire room was illuminated for a few seconds.

    Then the light wore off, and Arceus smiled widely.

    “Yes, I should enter Contests. Thank you very much.”

    Some of the pokes in the crowd rolled their eyes. Others slapped themselves in the face.


    Arceus was the only judge in the entire city, and while he was a bit of a joker at times, no one dared to oppose him. Even though he seemed to act a little stupid all the time, the pokes knew that he was powerful enough to take out any Pokemon who tried to attack him at the speed of light, and any other Pokemon would be blasted with some other attack which would take them out in a less painful way.

    And when the pokes resisted both those attacks, he would change types through a nice stash of plates which were stored in a nice transparent case under the judge table, and there would be another set of attacks coming. Basically, he was so versatile that he was unstoppable. Literally.

    So someone who was all-powerful like him could afford to scrap formality a little.

    “So,” he said, with his grand, deep voice echoing through the room, “Let’s get this case on.”

    He slammed the judge hammer for no particular reason. He did it a few times, seemingly finding amusement in doing so.

    “Anyway!” he said after he was done with his playtime. “Who wants to go first? Is it the prosecutors or the defendants?” he sang, in a nice folk-ish tune.

    Frenzy raised his hand.

    “Right, the Luxray over there, go ahead and talk!” he chirped.

    Frenzy solemnly walked up, not saying a word. He got into the podium, ready to make his speech.

    “All yours, man,” Arceus said, now significantly more solemnly.

    “Thanks, Your Honour,” he said, clearing his throat. “So, we’re not going to defend ourselves.”

    Arceus’ eyes widened. “Say what?”

    “What charges do we have against us?”

    “Wait. I’m not interested in that part. Why in the world would you want to face prosecution?”

    “Well…let’s just say…a change of heart.”

    Arceus nodded. “Well, this court session is going to end early, I guess! Any requests on your part?”

    Frenzy was about to say “No”, but he thought for a second, then said, “Well,” he looked at Ethereal, pointed at her, then continued, “I’d do perfectly fine without that Poocheyena over there.”

    Ethereal gasped. She felt tears welling up already, but for some reason, anger seemed to take priority here.

    “Poocheyena? Poocheyena?! Hey, who’s the Poocheyena?!” she blared, stepping out of her seat assertively.

    “You don’t think that you’re a Poocheyena?! Just look at yourself!” he shouted back.

    Crimson pulled Ethereal back to her seat, but Ethereal shook his grasp off.

    “You’re the one who sleeps on the Muk-king bed at night, okay?!”

    “It’s not my fault that you’re a Muk-king Purrloin!”

    Arceus took a step back, tapping the hammer softly, mumbling, “Erm…order?”

    They didn’t listen. They probably didn’t hear him anyway.

    “Whoa, scrap your Muk-king pride before you talk to me, you Poocheyena!”

    “Maybe you should grow a Wepear Berry somewhere, you piece of Trubbish!”

    A Garbordor sitting somewhere in the stands walked out of the courtroom.

    Crimson quickly tried to pull Ethereal back, saying, “Hey, come on, there’s no space for hate here!”

    Ethereal shook off his grip again. She stared at Frenzy, anger burning inside her. A majestic cyan mist was already forming around her.

    “Oh, that just crosses the limit.”

    “Well, whack at me all you like, Purrloin!”

    Arceus whimpered, “Erm…if you don’t give me order…erm…I’ll do a Swords Dance?”

    “Muk-king Muk! Blizzard!”

    “Wild Charge!”

    Crimson decided that it was time to call it.

    “Stop it, you two!” he shouted, running into the range of both attacks.

    They stopped their attacks and looked at Crimson.

    “Frenzy, I suggest that you get back into your seat.”

    “I’m not sitting beside her.”

    Crimson put on his Choice Specs. Sternly, he said, “Don’t test me.”

    Frenzy growled, about to try to intimidate Crimson into submission, but he didn’t ever perform an action without thinking ahead. Crimson wouldn’t be affected by the Intimidate. Any attack he performed would be counter-acted by even Crimson’s weakest attack, now that the Specs were already in play.

    “..Y-Yeah! Get back to your seat now!” Arceus said, though Frenzy would have done it even without his words.

    Frenzy bowed to Arceus, then returned to his seat, right beside Ethereal. They didn’t speak, and they never made eye contact with each other, as Crimson took the podium.

    “Your Honour, can we just pretend that this never happened?”

    “How can I pretend that it didn’t happen if it happened?”

    “I mean, nothing happened in here anyway, right?”

    “Hmm…I guess you have a point.”

    Suddenly, there was a scratchy, unpleasant voice from the crowd. It was Rocky. How did she even get here?

    “Your Honour, I would like to say something,” she said.

    “Right, go ahead and take the podium!”

    Rocky fluttered towards the front, and Crimson hopped off the podium, returning to his seat.

    She went up to the podium, and the first person she looked at wasn’t the Judge; it was Crimson.

    “That guy is never going to be a Chief. He’s assisting two convicts in their court case.”

    Crimson stood up. “Your Honour, this isn’t even rela-“

    “Shut up, Crimson! Let your fellow Inspector speak,” Arceus said. Crimson grumbled.

    “Your Honour, would you allow me to play a recording of a phone call from two days ago?”

    Arceus was a little confused. A moment of thought caused him to realise what Rocky was trying to pull off.

    Sternly, he said, “That’s not related. Unless it has something to do with the defendants, it’s not related. And if it’s not related, I’ll have you charged for corruption. You’re obviously trying to use this opportunity to mark down one of your fellow officers,” he cleared his throat, and continued, “So prove me wrong, or you’re pretty screwed.”

    Rocky grinned maliciously. “Obviously it’s related.”

    She clicked a button somewhere, and a voice recording was played through every speaker in the courtroom.

    “Hello Chief? Yeah, Crimson’s gone and knocked himself out agai-“

    Crimson instantly recognized that voice, and was instantly stupefied. He glared at Rocky, as she laughed vindictively.

    “Excuse me, is there anyone there?” the recording continued.

    Suddenly, there was a voice from the crowd.

    “Your Honour! I object to this!”

    It was Noisy.

    “This clearly is-“

    “You’re in no position to speak, Skiploom,” Arceus said.

    Noisy grunted. She then hung her head down and walked out of the courtroom.

    “Dang it,” the recording continued. It stopped abruptly, but a new one replaced it. “Good evening, Chief!”

    Crimson clenched his fist, and shouted, “Rocky, what is this?!”

    The recording played on, “Erm…good evening, Chief?” as Rocky smiled widely, saying, “Magnezone retired because of you. He never liked pokes who couldn’t take their jobs seriously, you know?”

    Crimson suddenly flared up; it wasn’t something normal. His limits were broken; he stood up from his chair, kicking it so hard that it made a 180 in the air before it crashed onto the floor and broke.

    “Your Honour!” he shouted. “This is clearly corruption!”

    Suddenly, the last line in the recording was played.

    “Inspector Crimson has…just drank past his limits. Again. Yep, nothing new.”

    Arceus was instantly taken aback by that line. “So that’s the reason why you’ve been going home early all this while? You’ve been drinking?”

    “No, Your Honour, you don’t understand!! It’s Rocky’s fault!”

    “Sorry Crimson, you know the police rules, don’t you?”

    He gnarled at Rocky, roaring so loud that even Frenzy jumped. It wasn’t an Intimidate by any chance, but it was close.

    “Rocky! You’ll pay for this!”

    His fire suddenly burned much brighter, the heat from it radiated anger, in its most destructive form. His eyes flashed, and suddenly, his entire body was ignited.

    “Crimson, don’t do this…” Arceus sighed. He then closed his eyes, in hopelessness. He silently conjured up two swords, formed out of pure energy, and the swords revolved around him as he absorbed that energy up, and his body flashed with white light.

    Ethereal ran up to Crimson, tearing, “No! Don’t do this! This case isn’t about you!”

    Frenzy mirrored her, suddenly falling to his knees beside Ethereal. “Don’t do it, Inspector! Don’t!”

    Rocky laughed. “Crimson, you’re a wimp, really.”

    “You know what?! You’re the reason why I’ve been taking those Hyper Potions! You’ve been trying to pull me off this position ever since I was promoted! And I’ve been too patient with you!”

    His Choice Specs flashed. The fire on his back burned even brighter, and the heat radiated now burned the ground under him.

    “What are you going to do about it?” Rocky taunted.

    Crimson gnashed his teeth, and shouted at the top of his voice, “ERUPTION!”

    “No! Don’t!” Ethereal cried, running ahead to take the attack for Rocky, possibly saving Crimson’s life in doing so.

    But Frenzy pulled her back. “Not worth it,” he said, solemnly. He then looked at Arceus, and his eyes flashed as he made the loudest roar he could ever pull off. The entire courtroom was silenced, and Arceus stopped his attack.

    “How did you…”

    “I predicted. But Your Honour, this case is about the two of us! Please keep Crimson out of it!”

    Ethereal stood beside Frenzy, getting on her knees.

    “You Honour, forgive him, please!”

    Arceus closed his eyes, pulling off another Swords Dance, as he said, “I’m sorry.”

    “No, don’t! I don’t want to fight you, Your Honour!” Ethereal shouted.

    But Crimson’s attack had already activated. The fire he concentrated was released in one burning, scorching pillar of fire, accentuated in power by the Choice Specs. The four corners of the courtroom were all illuminated by a magnificent burst of light, released from the pillar of fire. The fire shot upwards with amazing velocity, smashing through the ceiling, fuelled by Crimson’s rage.

    “No!” Frenzy and Ethereal cried in unison. They quickly both got to their knees.

    “You Honour, mercy him, please!”

    “What she said, your Honour! Give him mercy!”

    Arceus sighed. He did another Swords Dance, then mumbled three lines from a famous poem,

    “…forbid me to hate;
    forbid me to curse my enemies and swear no forgiveness;
    forbid me to be possessed by violence and vengeance…”

    His eyes flashed. “Extremespeed!”

    “No! Blizzard!”

    “Wild Charge!”

    Ethereal made a swift energy burst, much faster than any Blizzard she had done before. The shards of Blizzard were now surrounding her, waiting for Arceus to smash through them and blast her.

    But thankfully, Frenzy was there too.

    The Wild Charge came quickly too; he leapt up, collecting the shards of Blizzard around him as he smashed into Arceus, trying his best to hold the ExtremeSpeed back.

    “Your..H-Honour! Mercy Crimson!! …Argh!” Frenzy said, struggling to keep his attack up.

    Suddenly, the pillar of fire smashed through the ceiling, this time on top of Rocky. It crashed downwards with so much power that the ground was already burning, and Rocky felt the heat sinking into her, even before the attack hit.


    Rocky tried to get a Protect up, but it was too late. The Eruption attack blasted through the Protect and incinerated her, scorching her through and pinning her to the floor with heat.

    Arceus grunted. “Sorry, man. I’m sorry. Hyaaahh!!”

    The ExtremeSpeed penetrated the Blizzard barrier, and dispersed the Wild Charge, as Arceus slammed into the three Choicers at the same time with a force which no one else could exert, sending each of them flying to different corners in the room.

    The three Choicers were knocked out at the same time.


    “How…how did we even get here?” Ethereal said weakly, tears dripping from her eyes.

    “We fought Arceus. We belong here,” Frenzy said, still calm.

    Crimson found himself locked into the same cell as two convicts, bound by a collar, which restricted the use of all his attacks. His Choice Specs were gone, and he didn’t want to think of where they went. The highest, or second-highest-ranked police officer was now in the ranks of convicts.

    “I…I’m sorry, guys. I’m sorry,” he muttered.

    Ethereal chuckled, tears still dripping. “Well, before we go, does anyone want to…do it? You’re both Fields, right? Yeah…le-“

    Ethereal realised that the other Choicers weren’t too amused.

    “Alright! I’m sorry! I thought that it’d lighten the mood or something! I’m sorry!”

    She burst into tears, and found Frenzy crouching beside here. Crimson was still stuck at his corner of the room, filled with remorse.

    “Ethy…there’s…something I need to say.”

    Ethereal stopped crying. She shook her head, saying, “No, I should go first. Not you. It wasn’t your fault.”

    “It’s my fault! It’s not any of yours!” Crimson shouted, banging his head against the wall.

    “No, hothead…it’s not your problem. I would have done the same.”

    “You’re not me. You wouldn’t have done the same.”

    Frenzy sighed. “I think we all know what got us here.”

    The other two Choicers looked at him.


    There was an uncanny silence, before Ethereal decided to break it.

    “Let’s reconcile while we can. I guess I’ll go in peace then.”


    “Yeah…that’s fine.”

    Ethereal looked at Frenzy.

    “I’m sorry for saying all those nasty things to you in the court…it was my fault that the entire fight started. I didn’t mean them…I was just…angry.”

    She turned to Crimson.

    “I got you here. It would never have happened if we never met. Sorry, man. Sorry…”

    She fell to the floor and burst into tears. Crimson walked beside her and lay down on the floor beside her.

    “Ethy…I’m the reason why you’re in here. And you too, Frenzy. It was my fault. You’re right. It was hatred. If I just had another second of patience, I’d…keep everything out. I’m sorry.”

    Crimson let his tears freely flow.

    Frenzy stood at his position, unwilling to move.

    Crimson looked at him, and mumbled, “Scrap your pride. You’re dead tomorrow, remember?”

    Frenzy squeezed his eyes shut. He shook in guilt, and tears oozed out of his eyes as well.

    “I’m…I’m sorry, both of you! Argh! This…”

    “Hey furball…it’s the last night of your life. Just let it out. It helps.”

    Frenzy lay down beside the two Choicers.

    “I’m sorry, Ethy! I shouldn’t have pushed your buttons! I just…wanted to make you angry so bad…I don’t even know why…”

    He sniffed, wiping his tears, then continued,

    “And you, Crimson…You saved our lives and made the two of us happy, and I’m repaying you with this…I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

    “Not your fault, man,” Crimson said, shutting his eyes.

    “It’s all of our fault…” Ethereal said.

    “Yeah, I’m good with that.”

    The three of them closed their eyes together.

    Suddenly, there was a clang on the bars. The three of them woke up in unison.


    Noisy put her hand over her mouth, telling them to shut up. From the flower on her head, she retrieved four keys.

    “Right, go!”

    Suddenly, a Kirlia, a Floatzel and a Sandslash, all wearing their police berets, appeared from the darkness behind Noisy. They took one key each.

    “Noisy! What are you doing?!” Crimson said, softly.

    “What? Do you want to die as a convict?” she replied.

    She opened the cell door, as she planted a Leech Seed with perfect precision on the prison alarm. It didn’t go off.

    The three police officers unlocked the three convicts’ collars with their respective keys.


    “Yeah, thanks.”

    “Thanks to you, especially, Noisy.”

    Noisy whispered, “No, it’s partially my fault too. Anyway, we need you to break the prison walls. Then the plan is complete.”

    “What?! These walls are unbreakable, you know?”

    Suddenly, the Leech Seed fell off the alarm, and it went off with a loud, annoying sound. An announcement came over the PA:

    “Squad A, get to Isolation Cell 1 now!”

    It was Rocky’s voice.


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