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Do you think tough/scaly dragon Pokémon are still cuddly enough?

While the majority of the dragon Pokemon's designs are of ferocious dragons, looking ready to wreck havoc in any place they go, there's one single line of Dragon types that I've never gotten that impression of, which, obviously, is the Dratini line. I mean, Pokemon like Axew and I guess Trapinch are also cute enough, but they're both the first in their evolutionary lines, and Axew is, afaik, a baby Pokemon, so no wonder they're made cute. With the Dratini line however, I don't find any of them scary in any way. Dratini couldn't scare a Rattata no matter how hard it tried, and Dragonair is just simply beautiful. It changes quite a bit when we reach Dragonite, however the look in its eyes is just so dopy, I couldn't possibly be intimidated by that thing. In the anime appearances it has shown its ferocious dragon side, though I tend to seperate stuff in the anime and stuff in the games, so I don't really want to include that.

But yeah, I think Dragon types can be cuddly :p
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