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    Congratulation for the new Club!

    Good to see that a new club came out and about the famous one, Pokémon Conquest! I'm glad to join this club, because I liked the system of that kind of game. Like Fire Emblem or even Final Fantasy Tactic Advance etc...

    Username: Galoria
    Partner Pokémon:
    Eevee [name: Evoli]
    Aurora [Normal]
    Specialty: Normal/Grass
    Reason For Joining: Well, I liked this game, and still playing on it on my PC. I would like to continue it because it is a very interesting game. But seriously, with a Eevee as a starter, I could love this game :3

    Current Topic:

    Why did you choose your Pokémon, and why did you choose that Kingdom?

    I just love Eevee. I is very cute as well as being very useful in a team. Multifunction and its evolutions very fierce and cute, what we could dream of more?
    About the Kingdom, well, I insitated with Greenleaf. But as I can see we can take specialities, so I choose the Normal one. It will make Eevee more happier, bwahahah.
    Anyway...Eevee is too cute.