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    Originally Posted by GoldenRiolu/Veemon8810 View Post
    Okay, so I have a WarGreymon and a MetalGarurumon, same level and gender, in my party. How do I get them to become Omnimon?

    I dashed through the first post since I didn't play this hack yet, but i think I found what is interesting you.

    The DNA digivolutions are as follows. Keep in mind that in order to do a DNA digivolution you must only have 2 Digimon in your party and in the following combinations. A very important note: In essence this basically removes your entire party then adds the DNA Digimon, so no stats, abilities, genders, etc. will be transferred. It will; however, give you a stronger Digimon in the long run, some of which can digivolve even further.
    WarGreymon + MetalGarurumon = Omnimon

    These Digivolutions are optionally accomplished via trading, which I will point out below:

    WarGreymon(Nevermeltice)/MetalGarurumon(Dragon Fang) = Omnimon