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Valorie Ryder - Cafeteria
Valorie stared at Mark for a moment. "I guess..." she responded half-heartedly. Wasn't it just every day in the life of a pokemon trainer to challenge the notion of a normal day and find some way to make things interesting? ADVENTUUURE! "You aren't still worried about these rockets, and...--" she started, before realizing that those bullies that had pinned her to the ground probably weren't even on Mark's mind. "Well... I've been thinking of going to Lugia Dorm and trying to purge it of the ghosts that are there. Trying to revive the elite dorm, y'know?~" she offered, seemingly bragging about the notion that she could. Regardless of what happened next, she did have one more question for Mark. This one might hit home a bit harder than previous ones. "So--...What did you call me over for?" she asked. There was a needy zorua that needed her attention somewhere around here, and she didn't have all day.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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