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    PokeSharp (for lack of a better name)

    PokeSharp is a Pokemon engine written in C# using the XNA framework for rendering. The engine has been in development for quite some time however no in-game related things have been programmed yet, only the Map Editor has been worked on so far. However, Alot of the stuff written for the Map Editor will be reused for the Engine itself.


    The engine is being made to replace Pokemon Essentials. It will allow for a much better experience. Whenever I play a RPG maker based pokemon game, it alway feels weird and not like the original games and this is what I am trying to change in my Engine. The Map Editor is built for fast development and has only a small learning curve.


    The engine will be absolutely free. I am 15 years old and doing this alone and completely out of free will, donations are greatly appreciated. Those who donate 5$ and up will have some sort of honorable mentions, I don't know yet. Perhaps a special rank on the forum when we have one or access to new builds of the engine and upcoming features.


    Engine Features:
    - Day Night cycles with customizable colors
    - C# Game component scripting
    - Dynamically generated shadows for entities
    - User-friendly easy to make events with all flow control statements
    - Striving to make the engine feels EXACTLY like you were playing the real games, unlike with RPG Maker XP

    Game Editor Features:
    - All-in-one game editor, edit everything in it from maps to items to moves
    - Import your own tilesets and entities
    - Logic tile C# scripts
    - Definable default project to load when the editor is opened
    - 16 Layers of tiles
    - Built-In script editor with syntax highlighting


    Q: What language is it written in? Does it use any framework?
    A: C#, XNA framework

    Q: What will it cost?
    A: Free, will take donations

    Q: How long have you been programming for?
    A: Almost 2 years now. Started with Java and moved to C# about 2 months ago. C# is much more powerful. Screw Java. Java sucks. (for games at least...)

    Q: What are your plans with regards to functions the future game developers will have once this engine is released? Rudimentary functions such as adding NPC's, giving Pokemon, giving items, etc. are expected but to which detail are you looking to giving default functions and actions for the developer to use?
    A: Everything that has been done in Pokemon games from Pokemon Red to Pokemon Black and White 2 should be hopefully doable, whether it be an actual integrated feature of the engine or something you will have to code yourself with a LUA script.

    Q: Will it be ported to the Xbox 360 seeing as it uses the XNA framework?
    A: I don't think so. If yes, you will not be able to create projects on it, you will have to make them on the computer then submit them to a marketplace or something like that then it will be downloadable on the Xbox.



    Map Editor

    Pokemon Dawn / Krissel095 - same programming design patterns hierarchy reused + map editor design inspiration + some code from Dawn
    PokeSharp Engine