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Partners (you may add nicknames if you wish!): Geri the Gulpin (Female) and Licker the Lickylicki.
What made you join? All the blob-like Pokémon are all so cool and unique in their own way, take Ditto for an example. The only Pokémon from all 5 Generations so far that can learn the move transform. Now that's unique.
Answer/Contribute to the current topic:

Why did you choose your partners?

Well, Gulpin is my two favorite colours, green and yellow, so for me it's pretty sexy. Lickylicki is what I always use in competitive battling whenever I can as it can be a great wall/staller.

Should there be any changes to the list of blobs?

I think Swadloon isn't really much of a "blob", but that's just my opinion. I'm practically blind anyway with my gay eyesight.
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