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Name: Marek Lyfe

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: At first, Marek may look somewhat enigmatic, what with his muscled frame and grim expression, but when one gets to know him his image, in their eyes, will be completely transformed. Though he is not extraordinarily tall, standing at only 6 '9 feet tall, his frame is well-built due to long hours of sword fighting practice and martial arts lessons. His eyes are a deep, mossy green, and his hair is thick and brown, only adding to the enigmatic impression one may first get. He wears a short-sleeved, wool tunic colored in black, and adorned with intricate white patterns at the waist, sleeves and directly under where his neck would be. The tunic is sometimes accompanied by a long, black cape. Though plain at first, the cape symbolizes his nobility and heritage. Marek also wears a pair of loose, moss-green trousers that almost match the color of his eyes, and a pair of plain, black boots strapped to his legs with laces.

Personality: In general, Marek is rather mistrustful towards people in general, though he is very open and social with the creatures named Pokemon. Though it is hard to do, once someone has gained Marek's respect and trust, they will find that he can be a great friend and ally, and will do anything to ensure their safety. The opposite is also true, however, because if a person were to quarrel with him for too long, Marek would develop a burning rage for them that would never quell until his enemy is on their knees.

Marek is a proud, confident man, and always strives to become even greater than he already is. He yearns to see the world, and experience what it has to offer. The man is ambitious, also, and believes he is destined for his own greatness, and not the greatness his father had in mind for him. Marek's determination and stubbornness see him through to the end of anything, though they can also be his greatest weakness, potentially ruining friendships and relationships he may have with someone.

Marek's love for Pokemon, as far as he knows, is unparalleled. Since he was a child, Marek has always cared for them. He also finds Pokemon and alchemy to be extraordinarily fascinating, and strives to one day become a Pokemon Researcher, much like Professor Gunnar. His love and fascination towards Pokemon go hand in hand with his determination and his ambition. This combination leads to Marek's passion for Pokemon battling.

History: Marek's life, although it is thus far a short one, is filled with tragedy and unhappiness. As a young child, Marek's father, a man of high status and nobility, always encouraged Marek to his limits, and sometimes beyond. Since the age of seven, Marek practiced sword fighting with his father. Though he did not enjoy it at first, it came to be one of his many loves in life later on. Marek's father always raised him to think that he was the best and the strongest. This would have been a good thing, but Marek's father also tried to convince him that all others, both people and Pokemon, outside the Lyfe family were peasants and filth. This notion did not sit with Marek who, at the time, saw all people as equals through his naive eyes. Marek's father went all out, beating the boy until he got the answer he wanted. It was a few years after the beatings had begun that Marek's younger sister, Millicent, was born. With the miracle of life, however, came the tragedy of death. Marek's mother died in labor, leaving Marek and Millicent with their increasingly abusive father.

Marek and Millicent grew. By the time Marek was 12 years old, he had already been going to the Al-Revis Academy for quite a few years. Millicent, just a five year old girl, received the same beatings that Marek had gotten when he was a child. However, the child somehow always stayed positive, even when her father threatened to sell her as a slave. Marek often had to protect his little sister, but was given harder beatings the more he tried to. As the family fortune gradually disappeared with their father's bad investments, the three were forced to move out of their castle and live in the village, like the normal people that Marek's father had long ago told him were insignificant and weak.

Meanwhile, Marek's marks at the Academy somehow became better and better. Over the years that he had gone there, he had developed a profound interest in Pokemon, and his best marks were often achieved in Pokemon battling classes. He had an excellent understanding of the 18 different elements, alchemy, and the nature of Pokemon. However, with the beatings he received from his father, Marek's trust in his fellow man diminished, and he grew farther and farther away from his friends. He chose to spend most of his days practicing battling with teachers at the Academy and spending time with the Pokemon that were borrowed for sparring.

Then, tragedy struck again, this time in the form of a drunken father. While Marek was away at school, his father apparently had a delusion that his daughter was his slave, and actually sold her to a slave owner in town. When Marek found out, he immediately set out to find and free his sister. He tried. He failed. His sister was sold to a rich man far away. A week later, news came that the rich man's castle had been attacked by a rampant Electrode, who used Explosion to incinerate the building and anyone within.

After this incident, Marek ran away from his pathetic excuse for a father, who was too drunk to care. He managed to convince one of his teachers at the academy to take him in as his own. Prior to this, the two had become good friends, despite Marek's disliking of people. Marek grew up with his teacher, Ulric Forthwind, for the next five years. Though the rest of his life was relatively normal after that, Marek had a feeling in his gut that things were about to change as graduation dawned.

Starter Pokemon:
Species: Arceus Glaceon

Moves: Ice Beam, Hail, Tail Whip, Tackle
Pokemon Gender: Female

RP Sample:
From: Pokemon Odyssey: A New Beginning
A weak voice came from the other side of the wall. "Pal...Pala...din," Allora's voice faded and Paladin could tell she was unconscious. Had the gas knocked her out? Paladin might just have killed the only ally he had in this dire situation. "No!" he grunted as he began to heave the heavy boulders from their place, desperately trying to get through to Allora. "Over here!" a voice came. Was it the Ninetales? 'No, it is someone else,' Paladin thought. He picked up his pace, now misplacing two boulders with each arm. Soon, he managed to make a larger gap at the top of the rubble. Seeing the weak spot in the cluster of rocks, Paladin used Hammer Arm to obliterate several boulders so that he could get through the opening.

He found Allora unconscious, as he had predicted, but he also found another Pokemon by her side. This Pokemon had a large, cherry-red flower atop its head, and an innocent-looking expression. A Lilligant. However, Paladin noticed that Lilligant towered above the normal height of its species, though she still did not match up to the massive Golurk's stature. Paladin suddenly remembered that members of the Silver Tribe were, on some occasions, given unnatural growth hormones to boost their strength. Perhaps this Lilligant was a Silver Tribe member, and had received growth hormones, thus explaining her larger size. Upon realizing this, Paladin was immediately on his guard, and snatched the unconscious Ninetales into his arms, away from the possible traitor.

"Who are you?" Paladin demanded, "What do you want?" However, before the Lilligant could answer, there came a rumbling noise. Shortly after, the tunnels began shaking violently. Paladin almost immediately lost his footing and fell over, holding Allora above him so that she did not fall with him. "What the hell is going on here?" Paladin spat. However, before he could get an answer, another violent tremor shook the tunnels. 'An explosion?' Paladin wondered. Either way, they had to get moving. This particular area of the tunnel did not look stable and could collapse at any minute due to this explosions. When the second tremor stopped, Paladin set Allora down for a moment and used another Hammer Arm, obliterating some of the remaining boulders enough for him to get through along with Allora. "Come with me if you want to live," Paladin said to the Lilligant, offering a small token of trust, before taking Allora back and heading to the safer tunnel.

The third and final explosion took place, and it was worse than all the others. Paladin leaned against a tunnel wall with one of his arms to stop himself from tumbling over again, clutching Allora tightly with the other arm. Looking ahead, Paladin thought he could see a figure in the shadows of the tunnels. He amplified the lights of his eyes, and they shone upon a small, hooded figure. From the shape of its tail and its hands, Paladin could tell it was a Sandshrew. The tremors stopped, and he relaxed as he realized that a Sandshrew had a perfectly good reason to be here, being a burrowing Pokemon. However, his relief was short lived, as he shouted, "Yo! Goldies!" Gesturing towards himself, he continued, "Come with me! Unless you want these tunnels to fill with Ancients! They'll be here soon!" Now, what bothered Paladin was the first line. 'Goldies,' the Pokemon had said. How did this little critter know who they were? "This way," the Sandshrew shouted, as he began running in a different direction. Paladin did not trust this Pokemon in the slightest, so he followed him.

This Pokemon knew the secret identities of the two. How? He needed to be interrogated, and Paladin had to find out who he worked for. It was for this sole purpose that the Golurk followed the shrew. Paladin ran after the Sandshrew, who looked back to see if he was there. The critter was fast, and Paladin was getting cramped as the tunnels he ran through began to get smaller and smaller. He growled and said, "Get back here!" The Sandshrew stopped, and Paladin thought that he had listened, but he simply slammed his hand against a wall, prompting the wall to slide open. the Sandshrew proceeded to enter the opening. Slightly surprised, Paladin walked up to where the Sandshrew had created the opening. This was getting too suspicious. This Pokemon did not say who he was. Was he perhaps an associate of Veletra's, or a Silver Tribe spy? Paladin was not willing to find out, or put the life of his friend in danger. Paladin was about to leave the Pokemon and go in a different direction, when he heard shouts. Ancients! The Sandshrew had been right, they were here. It sounded like a large group of them shouting all at once, the footsteps of the heavier Pokemon such as Bastiodon and Rampardos thundered through the halls. For a small moment, Paladin wondered if that Lilligant from before had followed them like he had suggested.

The shouts came from both exits to the tunnel they were in, and, deducing that he had nowhere else to go, Paladin squeezed into the opening in the wall, holding Allora close to his chest.
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