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Pokémon Heat of Fate


Hello everybody! My name's Tackle! Welcome to Pokémon Heat of Fate thread!
I cancelled hacks too many times, but this time I'm serious. >=O
Thank you and have fun! LMAO CSS BG sucks.

Hack Info.

Name: Pokémon Heat of Fate
Base: Fire Red
Language: English


I'm not good at story and my grammar sucks. ;;

This story takes place after Johto League for 40 years...
There was a man who wants to take over the world...
His first step is capturing Moltres because its powers can make powerful Eruption to destroy the world...
He knows with Articuno and Zapdos, they could make powerful Thunderstorm, Eruption and Blizzard at the same time which might cause an epic destruction to the world...
Moltres is found to be in Kaori region, when a certain man is also looking for it. That certain man turns out to be a good man, with an intention of rescuing Moltres and the entire world...
That good man has some rivalries with that bad man, and looks like he can talk to Pokémon...
That bad man's planning to capture Moltres...
Zapdos and Articuno felt bad, so they rush to Kaori Region to see what's up with Moltres...

You were a 13 years old boy/girl who's dreaming to be a Pokémon Master.
You were living at Fateric Town.


Nothing much. =( I'm trying to get some ideas.

New Story.
New Walkthrough.
New Goal.
Some Sidequests.
Removed stupid Flashback System.
4th and 5th Gen Pokémon. WITH TERRIBAD FAKEMON!
And much mores you didn't expected. =)



Glitches & Bugs

Major Minor
Some grammar errors.
Region Map wasn't changed.
Pokédex Data of 4th and 5th Gen Pokémon aren't completely changed such as Weight and Height.


I didn't hack without helps! Helps are always helpful. =) These persons below helped me.

Tools and Tutorials Makers - If they didn't make 'em, this hack wouldn't be like this. xD
Wichu - Decapitalization Patch.
Wind Heart - Beta Tester and Story Ideas. =)
glitchguy - Beta Tester and Story Ideas. =9
ForeverDash - Beta Tester, Tiles Inserter.
MidnightShine - I took some from his CSS code for this thread! xD
Alistair, Kyledove, Dante, WesleyFG, FM - Tiles.

Sorry if I forgot someone, VM me. xD


Mini Alpha - Ends at Route 1.


Made by me, it looks sexy great, huh?


Feel free to VM / PM me, I'll be sure to reply your messages!

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