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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    That's also possible too, since Dialga and Palkia as well as Giratina shared a type in Gen IV, and they did the same thing with Reshiram and Zekrom, so their types don't have to be too different. Assuming they are Dark, it would be safe to assume that Yveltal is of course, Flying and Xerneas seems more like Dark/Steel, but Rock could work, too, I suppose. /shrugs.
    Personally I would perfer it be Dark/Steel myself rather than Dark/Rock, it just seems like a much better combo to me.
    Also the Johto birds both had Flying. The only mascots with a relationship share at least one type (not counting Suicune as it's relationship is more of a minion to Ho-oh rather than an equal) except for those of Gen 1 and Gen 3's Hoenn games but that's because of the unique trios they had.
    Perhaps the third could could be Water/Dark sea serpent.
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