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    In a past (and dead) thread I made, I've talked about the possibility of maybe Pokerus can be changed. As you may recall, from biology, Pokérus is an example of a mutualistic virus (something that ironically doesn't give negative effects), in which both host and virus benefit. Viruses with possible positive effects exist in the real world, but all of Pokérus's known effects are objectively positive. But see, the point of this thread is to look at the fact that pokemon can catch viruses.

    You'd probably know by now that this thread is going to play on the possible theme of genetics on these games, in which, these games might have some references to cells as well. And so, more play on with cells could mean that there could mean that sickness can be a problem for pokemon in these games. But, could that be a possibility? Well, as you recall from the previous pokemon games, some pokemon get sick, such as the sick Milktank, the sick Ampharos, and the Psyducks with migraines. Milktank was healed with berries, and Ampharos and the Psyducks were cured with a Secret Potion. Pokerus was a beneficial virus, in which the pokemon will grow very well (It will gain double EVs if I can recall).

    But, with possible themes of biology, could Pokerus play a bigger role than a mechanic? Do you think Pokerus be researched further, or play a big role in these games? Other than the fact that the nurses in pokemon centers explains that Pokérus is a small life form that infects the pokemon and make them grow well, there isn't much more to say about that. It has quite a mysterious factor. Do you think that with the possible theme of genetics or biology in these games, could its origins be finally be explained?

    Now, with the idea that pokemon can catch viruses, in X&Y, could it be possible that your in-game pokemon can have the potential to catch other forms of viruses as well? Could they be more negative than positive? For example, say there was a new type of pokemon virus that gives your pokemon a stomach ache. Could that potentially worsen your pokemon's condition to battle? (ie. lowering stats?) Maybe there can be more beneficial viruses? What could those types of viruses do to your pokemon?

    Finally, there's also the concern with the treatments for possible new illness... Medicine in the games are mostly used to heal wounds. Secretpotion right now seems to be the "cure all" medicine for illness, but, could X&Y introduce more treatments or medicine to cure potential new illlness?

    Do you have any other thoughts related on this matter?

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