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Hey everyone, I'm j_Woo. Basically I decided to start up my first hack (Pokemon Indium), and am putting together Team Pavement to help with that. This hack is going to implement a lot of features to make it as enjoyable as possible and that's why I want people to join this, basically to help me make a really good hack and hopefully more in the future that are just as enjoyable. This is going to take hard work so if you are in please get ready to make a great hack!

Current Project

Pokemon Indium

Help Wanted

Script editor
Tile Editor/Inserter
Music Editor/Inserter
Title Screen Editor
ASM Hacker
OW Spriter
Banner Maker
Alpha/Beta Tester
Trainer Spriter

Application Form

Name: (or what you would like to be called):
Applying For:
Proof of Work:
Time Zone:
Contact Information (you MAY choose to PM this if you wish):

Current Members

j_Woo - Storyline and Basic Mapping
3DS FC: 2251-6429-5358

My Youtube Channel: