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Hey guys I was just wondering if people in the local time zones such as GMT or GMT+1/GMT+2 would be interested in an online Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign. It would be held once a week on a particular day with 4-5 players and 1 Dungeon Master. I don't mind being a Dungeon master as I enjoy the game as a whole but if someone would like to be the Dungeon Master I am more than welcome to let them do so !
I am yet to decide what online role playing software that will be used, but in general that can be down to the group as a whole.
This will be open to members in the UK and Europe. It would be nice to have US/Canadian players but unfortunately the time difference is really bad T_T
Yes newcomers are welcome.

The only requirements are:
1. Your English is understandable if it's not your 1st language
2. You have Skype and are willing to voice communicate with a group of rowdy people (since DnD is a lot of fun !)
3. Can make a schedule that you can meet that particular day of playing either on a Tuesday, Thursday,Friday,Saturday or Sunday (those days are easier for me to have a whole day to play or at least a good 4-6 hours.)
4. Are willing to learn the game if you don't know how to play !
5. Have a decent enough knowledge of computers and know how to install relevant software to get playing !

That's all for now ! Just wondering to see if anyone would be interested.
Thanks !