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    How many Pokemon? Using all 400 slots or expanded patch?

    Also, fakes? If so, high quality or scribbles?... cuz, I h8 fugly out of place art and as funny and interesting a hack may be.... it just ruins the experience

    Suggestion , scripting wise , is it possible to un HM the hm moves and replace the obsticals with scripted events that require one of an array of moves rather than the individual? (Ie slash, fury cutter instead of cut or brick break, megapunch instead of rock smash) if so, wouldja?

    Lastly, can we have another starter? Something Magikarpy... starts out very weak but has crazy potential? Real, fake, doesn't matter so long as it has 3 stages and they are far enough apart (not like butterfree) and each stage has a destinct vibe so people don't just say "awww crap, why don't you just evolve already!!!" But cool enough to make you wanna mascot it like ash's pikachu that could possibly have a hold item that gigaboosts it like the afformentioned pikachu (like a lightball )

    OK very lastly, like absolute final.... willing to add fans as in game trainers either small (like the usual route blockers) or large (like rivals or reoccurring baddies like Jesse and James ) in a popularity vote of some sort where they get to add their team to your game? Cuz I believe it would kick ass if so.

    and as the annoying guy that suggested it, I would like to be first with the team of a shiny Kabuto.... just that, lol, and early game its just lv5 but later on in some adverse location, a kabutops and if fakes are in, some kabutops evolution even later, but since I'm annoying here, I don't mind if I'm annoying there lol (I can be the "always fail" that somehow makes it to the tournement.... and actually wins a few somehow aka ASH )

    Thank you for your reading I apologize if I hurt ur brain, I do that, often