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Originally Posted by joshbl56 View Post
Thank you for the Change
I'm going to start updating my stuff right now and will probably keep editing this for the first 8 gyms. Also, I'm only going to put down info about the beginning, my pokemon, the gyms, what pokemon I used during the fight and how many times I fought the gym.

Pokemon Gold
Number of Badges: 3


*Named my character GOLD and got a Totodile (Kevin)
*Beat and named my rival SILVER
*Caught a Pidgey (Tulsa), Caterpie (Felix), and Bellsprout (Denise)
*Fought Falkner 1 time and used Kevin and Tulsa during the fight.
*Caught a Mareep (Mary), Sandshrew (Maria). Kevin, Tulsa and Mary evolved into a Croconaw, Pidgeotto, and Flaafy. Was given Togepi (Able) and was boxed.
*Fought Bugsy 1 time and used Mary to pretty much destroy his gym single handed-ly
*Fought Whitney 3 times (stupid Miltank ) and used Denise, Felix, Kevin and Maria during the fight (pretty much most of my pokemon ;_; )

Pokemon that have fought:

Felix the Butterfree- Level 18- Whitney

Tulsa the Pidgeotto- Level 19- Falkner

Denise the Bellsprout- Level 20- Whitney

Mary the Flaaffy- Level 19- Bugsy

Maria the Sandshrew- Level 17- Whitney

Kevin the Croconaw- Level 18- Falkner/Whitney

I'm sorry, but you can only use 1 pokemon per gym, i'll let you slide, but from now on, use only 1 per gym! Sorry, I didn't make that clear. I'm blaming myself on this one.


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