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I have a whole gallery of gen 1 through gen 5 excluding the last 3 of all 649. However I don't know how to insert. I will give an attachment if you want it.

Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
We can't make maps yet since we don't have a tiler yet

Hey team members I have inserted new pokemons(just sprites for now) in the hack. I will edit their data later. Here is a list of pokemon and which pokemon they have replaced.

Arceus with Smeargle
Starly line with Weedle line
Turtwig line with Bellsprout line
Chimchar line with Hoppip line
Piplup and Prinplup with Sunkern line
Empoleon with Yanma
Gible line with Slakoth line
Shinx line with Whismur line
Riolu line with Ledyba lune
Tepig line with Aron line
Snivy line with Seedot line
Oshawott with Mawile
Dewott and Sammurott with Meditite line
Dialga with Electrike
Palkia with Manectric
Giratina with Delcatty
Victini with Skitty
Darumaka line with Corphish line
Archen line with Marill line
Tirtouga line with Slugma line

If any team member wants a new pokemon to be added, please post here and what pokemon to replace it with
Okay 2 things

1. Are the first pokemon replacing the 2nd ones or vise versa

2. Can you replace the Oddish line with the Ralts line (Gallade included I must have my Gallade!)


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