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Hello, i'm Omega Zero. I've been a previous rom hacker in this community before, and now i've recently come
back to finally finish a hack. Why am i a rom hacker? Well, back in 2008 on my really old account i stumbled
across Pokecommunity by the most infamous hack out there - Shiny gold. But it wasn't shiny gold that lead me here. In fact it lead me to Whackahack where i got most my tools and the like and that dreadful scripting program
Pokescript. I forgot what happened next but my dad signed his email for me, i made an account for pc.
And well here i am.

The reason i'm creating this thread is, i currently have a Pokémon hack called Luria edition.
Although it's coming along nicely and i hack quite a bit of nice features in the hack i still however
cannot do everything by myself, and therefore need a team.

Pokemon Luria:

10 years after FireRed

...A new evil organization has been formed.
They're goal? To capture Mew and eventually Mewtwo.
They'll take over the world.

Mew only shows itself to the purest of heart likewise
Mewtwo shows itself only to the darkest of hearts...

...Todays the day Prof.Gillian is finally back from her
trip around the world and she asks you and your rival (Tutai)
Reaching the lab you realise that she has three Pokémon and
Tools for catching Pokémon, finally you can start your journey.

Pre-battle mugshots
New region
New tiles
New graphics
a couple of Asm Features
music from other generations.
My own type of Hidden grottos
Rock jump scripts and tiles


Team Members:
Omega Zero: Most things, scripting music etc..
Ohlookzero!: beta tester.
JamZx: Spriter

Spriter 1/2
Beta tester 1/4
Mapper 0/1
Music [i]Composer[/s] 0/1
probably more positions can't remember, these are most important ATM.

Application form:
Proof of work:
Contact info eg.Pm/Msn/skype.

All the tool makers
Jambo 51: For his Asm routines and such
Darthatron: For the BW2 repel routine
WesleyFG: For the majority of tiles used in this hack.
Zelx!: For his Ow for the main hero and rival.
Kyledove: For his HGSS cave tiles.
Nintendo: For creating this game for me to hack.
Spritersresource: For the Textbox and HP bar rips.
Wichu: Decap patch
Diegoisawesome: DP text patch
874521: Rock jump tile
Hackmew: Running inside bytes.
MMX: His asm hacks also.