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One thing's almost certain: If Pokemon existed in real life as they did in the game, there would be way more sanctions on competitive battling. That, or the moves would be way less exaggerated than they appear in-game (obviously, considering the video game is for entertainment) and certain Pokemon would be restricted.

That is, what would the fine line be between actually making a Pokemon faint and killing them? Would Pikachu know every time to channel a specific amount of voltage that would make a Blastoise merely faint over sending it into a coma or death? One slip up and there would be an outcry of animal/Pokemon cruelty across the nation.

Think of how angry parents blame violent crimes on video games with mature themes. Now apply that to real live Pokemon battling and its inherent aggressive nature and you can imagine the headache you'd have to go through just for being involved with such a thing.
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