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    Balloons are easy to bypass and are situation at best though. Just cause Heatran also has it doesn't raise the appeal.

    Pokemon that share the x4 Ground weakness

    Magnezone: OU. Really good and doesn't have to worry about OHKOs with Sturdy. Has pretty decent stats to back it up.
    Magneton: RU. Was as good as Magnezone before Gen 4 when Magnezone replaced it. Now its not used that often. Like with Magnezone it has decent stats to back it up.

    Both are mostly due to its Steel Typing's natually high defenses.

    Macargo: NU. It has its moments, but its not used for a reason.
    Bastidon: NU. Despite having some pretty good defense, it sits in obscurity thanks to X4 Ground and X4 Fighting weakness. Has a bit more as to why its not used often, but still fits.
    Probopass: NU. Pretty much the same as Bastidon.
    Aggron: RU. Used more than the above two due to having a better attacking stat but still falls down hard.

    Heatran's saving grace is he's a 600 BST Legendary. If his stats were below 500, he'd be with the others in RU/NU.

    So baring 2 competitively x4 Ground isn't that great. Only 3 of which have x4 weakness to fighting which is possibly the only other reason they're down as far as they are which is really sad cause I really like two of them =C

    If the Fire/Poison is under 500 BST, its going to be NU/RU bait. While it'll have potential in NU and RU, that's still not the best thing to go off of. It may even fall as far as the newly made PU which is 3.41% of NU usage.

    I don't want to discourage the hope cause it CAN still be made, just it'll be very unappealing and fall into mediocrity very fast.
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