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Cresselia's a hard 'mon to predict, and defeat. Most Cress are built to resist special attacks. You could see Trick Room Cress, Support Cress, Calm Mind Cress, weather-setting Cress, Rest Cress, Helping Hand Cress... Tyranitar can beat Cress but you risk getting paralyzed and that doesn't do him much good. Scraggy can be used against Trick Room Cress, taking advantage of the opponent's strategy and smacking Cress hard. Metagross can be used against Cress as well, since Metagross doesn't really need speed and Cress can't do any good damage against it.

If you're sure about Infernape, then go for it, but I think that Hitmontop would do a better job than the monkey. Intimidate will annoy your opponents, it can carry a multitude of priority attacks, and most importantly, it can SUPPORT with Wide Guard or Helping Hand (I've actually seen one of these).

Adamant Hitmontop @ Fighting Gem / Sitrus Berry
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
~ Fake Out
~ Close Combat / Mach Punch
~ Sucker Punch
~ Wide Guard / Detect / Helping Hand

Prankster genies (well, Prankster ANYTHING) you'll just have to play around somehow. Weavile dies to just about any priority, sorry. If all you're using it for is just for Fake Out, drop it like a hot potato and replace it with something strong and won't die so easily. Terrakion, Scizor or Dragonite comes to mind.

If you want, you could drop Alakazam and pick up a Cress for your team. That would be interesting. And I agree about Latios being a better pick of Hydreigon. But if you can't use legendaries, whatever.
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