Thread: [Gen V] Rate my Double Team
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    I think I'll use Starmie, but I don't know what item to use on it. I replaced Espeon a while back with Scizor, then I replaced Scizor with Alakazam. I might just end up keeping Alakazam. I'm undecided between Alakazam and Scizor. I'm only leaning towards Alakazam because of its speed, but Scizor has access to a lot of priority moves and it gets Technician.... so I'm not sure between those two.
    EDIT: Hitmontop is probably better overall than Infernape, but Infernape has a better speed so I think I will probably stick with the monkey. But Hitmontop could provide some good support.... but then Infernape has the fire typing so it can deal with grass types.

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