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Originally Posted by PokeLordAndrew View Post
1. Would not want, it's hard enough for the 3ds to emulate DS games, gba games are unplayable unless it's off a flash drive as far as I know, so having gb games would be a massive challenge.
2. Would not buy, I can get roms for them, why pay $15 for each..
Thank you for your input

1. It may be a challenge, but there are so many other games on the eShops that are just as simple design wise that I don't think it would be impossible to have done.

2. Yes you can get roms, but you cannot connect with people unless you play PokeMMO and you cannot go places with the emulator unless you have a laptop everwhere you go. Roms are a simple solution, but take away some of the core connection aspects the original games have/had. The $15.00 price tag is so Nintendo can make some money off the releases and its 50% off of the original price tag of the originals.

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