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    So this is a nice collection of Pixel Art which I can't leave without commenting.

    The old sprites are... well, old. And I happen to ignore sprites which are old, since your style might have considerably developed by now, and commenting on the old is not useful since you might have noticed the errors and corrected them.

    And the old Volkner looks like a family man with the change of colours.
    Lina looks great, although the right arm (left from here) disappears mid way, which is peculiar since the main characters should have clear, visible bodies xD.

    That tileset looks really nice, complete with that custom cave-style. I think the tree's width at the ends of the green can be shortened, though.

    The Fake, meh, you should to a revamp of him like you said xD. But still, everything's in place except for the eyes which should be smaller in comparison with the body to make it look less chibi.

    The Froakie's eyes could use a bit of gleamening, becuz it's too wide to have only three colours in it.

    That. Fakedex. Template. Is. Completely. Awesome. Awesome format, there, and I like the new Elemental type look. I also happen to like the font, which maybe pulls of the whole thing. Nice nifty background, too.
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