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    let me just give an insight to where i am with this right now. i now have the kakuna cry (as of 24.3.2012) thanks to bulbapedia and some patience watching many boring pokemon episodes. i have only done up to and including 52 (meowth). while the project will resume at a steady pace its being hampered by the fact that pokecryGUI is buggy as hell and A-cry v1.2 doesnt work (im using A-cry v1.1 to do all this) and that for some reason when insert cries it bugs up another cry thats already been inserted (usually arbok or raichu) which is easily fixable but adds time which is annoying.

    i removed the unedited link due to some goon posting this on another pokemon forum claiming that he had compiled all of them himself, so this will be released as a patch only

    Current project: Anime cry replacement -
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