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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - History/Mythology

Lucia rolled her eyes, "I don't know. Something about her being in love with someone else. Some girl name Selena or something." She muttered. "Apparently she and Val have some deep relationship or such and Val loves her over Mark." She sighed, "He was pretty sad last night, but hopefully he'll be better today. Just as long as he keeps away from Valorie for now until enough time has passed you know? We just make sure no one reminds him in anyway and he'll be good. I say... give him a few days." She nodded. "That female Eevee looked so cute. Why was she angry?" She asked. "You... you really can understand pokemon?" She asked hesitantly. "I've never met anyone that can do that. I guess I'm still trying to understand how that could be possible."

Roberto just raised his brow as the Eevee was returned, "Could have fooled me." He said with a simple shrug.
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