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Update 4

I finally stopped being lazy and continued this challenge. Since I made most of this progress MONTHS ago, I'll be giving the condensed version. I taught Gloom Cut and proceded to defeat Volkner. With Graveler, victory was pretty easy. After that, I took my second Pidgey out of the PC, so that way my roster would be filled up. I killed an Ekans on Route 9, since I already had one. Then King was killed by a Spearow. Meh. I soon caught a Spearow on Route 10. I was hoping for a Onix in Rock Tunnel, but sadly, I encountered and Geodude a defeated it. I left Rock Tunnel without further incident, and I arrived in Lavender Town.


Nidorino(m) Lv26
Vine the Ivysaur(m) Lv29
Pidgey(f) Lv17
Weed the Gloom(m) Lv28
Graveler(m) Lv27
Spearow(f) Lv16


Caterpie(f) Lv7


King the Ekans(m) Lv14-15
Aero the Pidgeotto(f) Lv16-22
Mouse the Rattata(f) Lv2-2

Locked Out Areas

Route 1
Route 2

Route 3

Route 4
Route 5
Route 6
Route 9
Route 10
Route 11
Route 22
Route 24
Route 25
Viridian Forest
Mt. Moon

Diglett's Cave
Rock Tunnel
War never