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    Haha, I guess I fall into the category that miksy91 described. I'm more of beginning rom hacker and I am using Windows 7 and I'm almost 16. I've tried using quite a lot of tools and from what I've found, quite a few of them no longer work or malfunction since I'm not using older versions of Windows. I get a whole bunch of errors from the programs and messages from my computer about incompatibility issues. It's really infuriating.

    Some of the tools that even work, don't necessarily "work" to their full potential that they used to. I almost gave up on the hack I'm working on because of it. If you want me to screenshot some of my specific errors, I could do that.

    If you made new tools that would be amazing! If you made tutorials on how to make new tools, that would be that much cooler. Aside from hacking, I'm learning to program and have developed some basic skills in C++, C#, Java and I've started to learn Ruby. I would love to learn more, especially in a way that would benefit other projects I'm working on!
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