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    "Cinder is invading again! What do we do, Whirl?" A small Charmander shouted over the loud noise of the battle. "Hurry! Get prince Flare!" Whirl, a young female Chatot, chirped. A small Eevee bounded into the room. He followed Whirl down a winding staircase. "Flare, you are going to live with you great great grandmother's son's daughter's nephew's sister. It is not safe for you here any more." Whirl whispered. "Ashes, a Ponyta, will be waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Goodbye." Whirl flew off as Flare dashed down the stairs to where Ashes stood impatiently on the dull gray cobblestone. He hopped on as the rain started pounding. Ashes raced through the muddy ground and galloped over the fields. He raced through the open gates just as they closed and slowed to a canter. Lightning flashed overhead and Flare could tell that they were going far, far away from home.
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