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    As much as I would like it to be a flying type, the biggest thing I see and many other people point out is how would it fly? Some pokemon like sythcer, have wings but can't even fly! Slyveon doesn't have any physical features to suggest it could fly, which every flying pokemon does have.

    I think it would be interesting if it were a normal type. It has all the traits of most normal types, light colors, mostly pink and white and doesn't have any "in-your-face" features. I don't think t would be bad to have a normal type evolution as it could add a reason for people to stop seeing most normal types as weak, novelty, etc.

    As for the new type theory, that would be awesome! With the last two being added were way back in Gen 2, dark and steel. The only problem with this though would be changing all previous pokemon to match. If it is a "love" type, I think many pekemon, like Luvdisc, chansey, almomla, and more could be added to this type list. Many, many pokemon could be considered "light" most notably mew, celebi, jirachi, Victini and the other fairy-like pokemon. However this could opn the doors to new types or maybe more info on the ??? Type pokemon (From the game's codes) and moves.

    Another thing I was wondering was will Slyveon be the only "eeveloution" in Gen 6? The theory of Gen 6 being about genetics would be a great reason to include more evolutions, as Eevee is known for having incredible genetics and being able to evolve into different typed species.
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