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Well, I mean if we could focus the Colosseum prequel on Wes' Father we could have him with like an eevee or Eeveelution;but avoid it being so much like Michael's Eevee or Wes' Espeon and Umbreon. We could give him one of the Original 3 eeveelutions or something.

Maybe incorperate how Wes got his, like if Wes' Father(Should we give him a name so it's easier to reference?) had an Eevee or just had one at his House/Team Snagem HQ (Because Wes used to work for team snagem)

Also I honestly don't like Glaceon and Leafeon(and upcoming Sylveon) as much as the original 3. And Orre shows trends of having alot of Pokemon from Hoenn(XD) and Johto(Colosseum)

Example of Johto and Hoenn:
COLOSSEUM: 3 Johto Starters, Quagsire, Misdreavus Ledian, ETC (the most prominant to me)
XD:The Sextoplets' Spheal, Baltoy, Seedot,
Poocheyana, etc (sorry can't think of anymore right now.....)

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