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    Has there been any discussion as to whether or not Nintendo/Gamefreak plans to prevent pokemon altered via pokegen/pokesav to be traded or used in X & Y?

    As a competitive battler, this is probably the #1 issue that I would like to see addressed with 6th gen. Currently the GTS is plagued with hacked pokemon & it really detracts from the experience. I'm not talking about Blastiose with flamethrower or something silly like that.

    I'm talking about pokemon that are shiny, have perfect natures, perfect IV that provide hidden power to cover their weaknesses etc....its like "Yeah right...."

    Considering the entire premise of the Pokemon series is generating a "bond" with your pokemon, shouldn't the act of breeding/training pokemon be just as important as battling itself? Just seems that it has become commonplace & accepted amongst the pokemon community to hack all of their pokemon via pokegen/pokesav.
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