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    Right so I was just on my computer playing games such as minecraft and watching youtube until I found the pixelmon mod. I remembered how much fun I had playing all my old and new pokemon games. Due to my mind urging for nostalgia, I put in my pokemon red version into my Gameboy advance. I loaded up my old save file, and to my expectation I was facing my rival ‘asshat’ and so I looked at my team.
    I noticed that I did the mew glitch and the missingno glitch since they were the only two pokemon in my party, I went up to my rival to battle him and instead of him saying the usual text he instead said: ‘My, my RED what have you done? I thought that you were a nice guy… that you wanted to become the best… But THIS! This is too much… I’m afraid that I must end you and your destruction!’
    A battle sequence commenced and another weird thing happened as my rival only had 1 pokemon instead of 6 and so I sent out my mew against his Blastoise. I pressed the attack button and the only move that mew knew was Sheer Cold! I pressed B and checked the missingno. It also only had Sheer Cold so I went back and commanded my mew to use Sheer Cold. To my surprise it hit the first time. After the battle my rival came up to me and just said ‘Why?’.
    The screen faded and then came back to my character in pallet town. I walked around finding no signs of NPCs anywhere not even my mother nor Professor Oak. I walked onto route 1 and I came across one patch of grass completely blood red so out of interest I walked onto it and a battle sequence started. The wild pokemon was a pile of dead pidgey and ratata, I fled and walked to viridian to heal my pokemon however, there was just flat land and that is when the character RED looked at the screen and said: ‘Now…. It is your turn….’
    I switched of the Gameboy and looked at the cartridge. Everything was normal and I distinctly remember that I bought it in the shops and not online. I sold the cartridge on eBay and never saw it again.
    I feel sorry for two people now; the person who bought the game and myself…

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